Oregon Open Scholastic Tournament Sept. 6

In connection with the Oregon Chess Federation’s annual Oregon Open, held each year over Labor Day Weekend, we will be holding the Oregon Open Scholastic Tournament.  While the full three-day event will be great for those of you who want the challenge of playing with the adults, the shorter time controls of this scholastic section will be a great warmup for the new academic year of chess.

The event is a 4-round Swiss-paired event (time control G/45 d5) and will be held on Saturday, September 6, with the first round at 10am, about an hour before the first round of the Oregon Open main event.  Rounds will be held at 10, 11:45 (or ASAP), 1:45 and 3:30 (or ASAP), and should be done by 5:30pm.  The room can only hold 48 players, so register early!  Depending on how many register, we may divide the group into two or three sections based on highest established USCF or NWSRS rating.  The event will be NWSRS rated, though if a section consists of all USCF members, we may dual-rate the section as well.  This is an 2016 OSCF State Championship Qualifier.  We will have medals for plus scores (including 1st-3rd place medals), and we will also award one year (for 4.0 and 3.5 point winners) and 6-month (for 3.0 and 2.5 point winners) memberships to NW Chess, which includes a monthly subscription to the NW Chess magazine.  Register online by clicking here; the early registration fee of $20 expires on August 28, and all registrations must be in by September 3.