Online Registration Now Open For Corvallis MLK

The Corvallis MLK tournament is an OSCF qualifier that features approximately eight separate playing sections, spanning the range from young novices to the strongest scholastic open section on the calendar. With a large number of relatively small sections, the sections are well-balanced by age and rating, so everyone has a realistic chance of winning. Substantial cash awards in the Power Section (rating > 1500). All other sections, trophies to the top four finishers as well as awards for “Best Notation,” “Best Handshake,” “Sportsmanship,” and participation.

Power Section Five rounds G/45. Cash awards. $150-90-60 for 1st-3rd. $50 for top U1700. Awards based on turnout of 25 in the section. If fewer than 25 participate in the section, prize fund will be reduced proportionally. Adults welcome. USCF/NWSRS dual-rated.

Other Sections Five rounds. Time controls vary with skill level (G/25, G/30, or G/40). Trophies to the top four finishers in each section. G/5 blitz tie-breaks. Trophies for Best Notation and Best Handshake in each section. Participation awards to all, and Sportsmanship awards to a select few. K-12 players only. All sections NWSRS rated. Might Rook sections (ratings 1000-1499) are USCF/NWSRS dual-rated.

Entry Fee: $15. Register online.