One Weekend Left to Qualify! — Updated qualifier lists posted.

bell lapThis is it.  The bell lap.  The LAST weekend of qualifying play before the 11th Annual OSCF State Championship is here.  Already, 514 players have qualified to attend — our largest number of qualified players ever.  Check the updated list of qualified players found here.  Those needing only one more qualifier or an established rating (15 games) are listed at those links as well.  (For a master list of all players’ qualification status, click here.)  If you’re looking to make up that one last qualifier or get to an established rating (15 career games), you can STILL do it this weekend by attending one of the remaining qualifying tournaments.  Once you have qualified, REGISTER FOR OSCF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HERE, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Seaside on April 29-30. If you want more information about the event, see a list of who is registered here, see some more details here, or take a look at some photos from prior years!