One Last Weekend to Qualify; Updated List of Qualified Players & Who’s Coming

The tournament games from last weekend have all been rated and posted, and we have updated the list of players qualified for the 2015 Championship.  We have also posted an updated list of players who have registered for the tournament (based on registrations received and paid for through 12:01am April 12).

If you haven’t registered yet and are on the list of qualified players, register now by clicking here!  Early registration ends on Wednesday April 15.  Late registration ends April 22, but why pay extra?

There’s only one weekend of qualifying play left, so if you’re on the list of players who need just one more qualifier, or the list of players who still need an established rating, check the green-labelled events listed on the calendar for this weekend, and get your chess in this weekend so you don’t miss out on the 10th Annual Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation State Championship!  It’s still possible (though getting very tough) to qualify through play this weekend.

If you do qualify based on play this weekend (April 10-12), we will be updating the list of qualified players as soon as your tournament directors send in their tournament reports, as soon as those reports are rated, and as soon as we can get to the list after that — hopefully on a rolling basis starting Sunday 4/12 afternoon or so.  Watch this page — we’ll update here once events are taken into account.  NOTE:  While we’d prefer that you wait to register for state until you’re on the list of qualified players, we understand that you want to get registration taken care of, too.  So if you (a) are certain you have qualified, and (b) really want to register ASAP, you can do so, but PLEASE note in the comment section when you register why it is that you believe you have qualified.  Thank you – and see you in Seaside!