The 2015-2017 members of the OSCF Board were elected at the 10th Annual OSCF State Championship on April 25, 2015, and the 2016-18 members were elected at the 11th Annual OSCF State Championship on April 30, 2016. To reach the board, use this form — we look forward to hearing from you!

Rebecca Holt (Member-At-Large, 2014-15, President 2015-17) is a fundraiser for Lewis & Clark College, a musician, Spanish speaker, and trained school psychologist. She was led into the chess world by her four-year-old son who begged her to teach him the game, not knowing it would lead to so much fun and fellowship with other chess families. She has seen her son gain confidence and pride in his abilities, all while learning the value of working hard to reach a goal. Rebecca looks forward to encouraging more kids and families to play chess for fun and friendly competition.

Kathryn Schuff (Member-At-Large, 2014-15, Vice President 2015-17) is a chess mom and faculty member at Oregon Health Sciences University, heavily involved in medical research administration.  She is humbled by having two elementary age chess boys who can easily checkmate her, but is heartened by the fact that she still writes the checks, drives the car, packs lunch and makes sure everyone has a sharp pencil and notation book. Kathryn remains AMAZED at the sight of more than 300 kids who show up to the beach and want to do nothing else but play chess, and wants to do everything she can to make sure that there are as many opportunities and incentives as possible for our kids to keep playing!

Kathy Stevens (Member-At-Large, 2015-16, Treasurer 2016-17) is the parent of a chess kid, and has been following him to tournaments for over 10 years now.  When she’s not volunteering to help at a chess tournament (or running one herself), Kathy is the Director of Training & Development for a local credit union.  Kathy is a passionate advocate for chess as a developmental experience for children, and wants nothing more than to see the OSCF mission “More Kids, More Chess, More Fun!” come to life.

Steven Cousineau (Treasurer, 2012-16, Member 2016-17) is a power resource scheduler with Iberdrola Renewables. He sometimes moonlights as the bookkeeper for his wife’s law practice.  He has assisted in coaching the Charles F. Tigard chess team for the past 3 years. In addition, Steven runs rated tournaments through the Tigard Grange.

Jeff Dobbins (President, 2012-15, Member 2015-17) is a law professor at Willamette. He was the coach and advisor for the Rieke Elementary chess club for six years, and has, for the last four years, been the advisor at Robert Gray Middle and Wilson High School chess teams as well.  He attended the first OSCF State Championship with his son in 2006, and has helped at every event since.  Along with many amazing parent volunteers, Jeff also helps to run the Presidents’ Weekend Tournament at Gray Middle School.

Katrina Halverson (Vice President, 2013-15, Member 2015-17) has, over the last ten years, been the chess coach at Beach Elementary School, Hosford Middle School and Cleveland High School.  She stopped coaching and joined the OSCF Board when her oldest son, Ben, graduated. Katrina has been a volunteer tournament director for the OSCF State tournament since 2008 and has helped at numerous other scholastic tournaments.

Nancy Albritton (Member-At-Large, 2015-17)

Rex Allison (Member-At-Large, 2015-17) is the father of 4 children who have played chess at the regional and state level.  As a retired school psychologist he believes the intellectual skills gained from learning and playing competitive chess are incredibly valuable to young learners.  As a board member he hopes to bring more chess opportunities to children in Central and Eastern Oregon.  Currently, Rex works as a firearms consultant in the shooting sports industry in Bend, Oregon.

Rustam Kocher (Member-At-Large, 2015-17) took over the Cooper Mountain Chess Club in 2008 as a total chess novice, and over the next three years won two state team championships.  More importantly, he grew participation in the club and groomed the next group of leaders for the inevitable handover. CMCC has continued to enjoy success, even through numerous hand-offs. In his following three years at Whitford Chess Club, his teams again won two state team titles in three years and enjoyed growth in participation all three years. Rustam was in the leadership corps of the annual Cooper Mtn/Whitford Scholastic Chess Championships for the past seven years. The tournament was a stable, accessible, profitable event for its two member clubs, and was a popular late-season qualifier before the State Championships. For many chess players new to tournament play, this was their first-ever major tournament. While Rustam is not a chess player himself, he has established his credentials as a Tournament Director and club manager. He relies on the expertise of others when he doesn’t know the answers to questions, and is good at coordinating volunteers and events.

Outside of chess Rustam is an active volunteer, student and soccer coach, player and referee. He holds a national grade D soccer coaching license, is a grade 8 referee, and is a coach/player for an over-40 recreational Timbers Army soccer team. He has been a volunteer with AFS Intercultural Exchange programs for the past fifteen years, and recently earned his MBA from Portland State University. He is a Purchasing Agent with Daimler during working hours. He also drives on sunshine – ask him about it.

As an OSCF board member, Rustam would like to continue to reach out and provide accessibility to chess for interested players, as well as provide opportunities for high-level players to challenge each other and grow. Ideas like a “chess club kit” for elementary schools to get started and endure, and a community library of lesson plans and puzzles are potential ideas for future roll-out. Closer cooperation with Chess for Success is another goal.

Sarah Mendonca McCoy (Member-At-Large, 2015-17) grew up in Florida and currently homeschools her three children here in Oregon, two of whom are avid chess players. Once upon a time, she earned a Ph.D. in educational leadership and policy, and later worked as a policy analyst for the Florida Legislature. Now, she applies her energy and attention toward educating her own kids, in addition to supporting and coordinating various educational opportunities for other children in her community. She estimates her chess rating to be about 800, but doesn’t plan to enter any tournaments this year.

Holly Stork (Member-At-Large, 2015-17)

Todd Anderson (Member-At-Large, 2016-18)  is a research scientist for Intel Labs focusing on improving programmer productivity for large-scale applications.  He is a native of West Virginia before earning a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky and subsequently moving to Oregon in 1999.  He is also a chess dad to two elementary aged chess players and recently took over running their chess club at Carden Cascade Academy as well as running the first tournament there.  Todd believes that the chess tournaments run by and in affiliation with OSCF teach the valuable life lessons of respect for others, manners, and that individual events throughout our lives may not always turn out the way we’d like but the key to long-term success is perseverance and a work-ethic.  Todd hopes to continue helping develop chess participation, particularly in Hillsboro.  On the lighter side, some years ago Todd wrote a chess engine whose evaluation function was improved by experience through use of a genetic algorithm.  In recent years he has also tinkered with professional chess tournament results prediction through Monte Carlo simulation and machine learning.

Stacey Kim (Member-At-Large, 2016-18) is the director of marketing and communications at Lewis & Clark College, her alma mater. While not a chess player herself, she is pleased and surprised to find that one of her two children is chess-obsessed. Stacey hopes to help OSCF with communications efforts as well as with strengthening ties with Chess for Success. When not at work or various family activities, Stacey enjoys playing the oboe, traveling, cooking, and reading.

Mike Myers (Member-At-Large, 2016-18) is a former engineer turned high school math teacher.  He attributes his involvement in scholastic chess all to Harry Potter’s wizard’s chess scene.  In the summer of 2005, my 5-year old son asked to learn how to play chess after seeing the movie.  Shortly thereafter his 7-year old sister and 3-year old brother were playing, too.  That fall some students asked to start a chess club at Willamette High School and when no one else stepped forward, I chalked it up to destiny and volunteered after learning that there was a Midwestern Chess League to compete in locally. Somewhere along the way I wound up taking over the TD duties for the league.  Over the past few years I have been putting on tournaments in the Bethel area of west Eugene that are open to all ages.  As a board member I plan to continue expanding chess opportunities in the southern Willamette valley.