Officers: 2010-2012

Dan Dalthorp, President
Dan is a statistician/ecologist, a chess dad, and an active community volunteer. Both he and his two sons are active Oregon chess players, and he has been running chess clubs and teaching chess classes at Albany and Corvallis schools for several years and regularly organizes chess tournaments. In addition to chess, his current volunteer activities include serving as treasurer of his church and on the school board for a private school. In the more distant past, he was born in Montana. After graduating from Brown University in 1986, he spent a year traveling in Asia, earned an MS in math from University of Oregon, worked on an agricultural development project in Guatemala, earned a PhD in Entomology from Cornell University, taught statistics at Cornell, and worked as a statistics researcher at OSU.

Raven Winter, Vice President
Raven Winter started and is co-owner of Nu Tech Software Solutions based in Tigard, a custom software and hardware development firm begun in 1995 ( Education: BS Mathematical Computer Science, Lewis & Clark College, Portland OR Interests: Coach for his son’s school, Charles F. Tigard Elementary Chess Team since 2007. As coach, he successfully qualified and brought more kids from CFT’s club to the OSCF State Championship each year. This year he has run two OSCF qualifiers including dual-rated sections and in the past has assisted with the annual in-house tournament. Coach for Tigard Youth Lacrosse Boys 5th/6th Grade Silver Team.

Lisa Still, Treasurer/Secretary/Registrar
Lisa is a retired veterinarian-turned-homemaker who can’t seem to limit herself to staying home very well. She is the current treasurer (and past other titles) of Parents for Education +, a parent-run nonprofit organization that brings a plethora of educational opportunities, including chess, to Corvallis. She is also active in her 3 children’s schools and can often be found helping in the classroom or volunteering at one Corvallis school or another. She is co-leader of her daughter’s rabbit 4-H group and occasionally referees or coaches soccer, depending on what is needed. A rated chess player, herself, Lisa started the chess program at Mt. View Elementary in 2002 because her son was a kindergartner interested in chess with nowhere to play. She continues to teach chess at Mt.View and has since learned to run chess workshops and tournaments. In 2009 she helped start a new club at Cheldelin Middle School to serve the needs of the kids who were graduating from Corvallis elementary programs.

Andrei Botez, At-Large Member
Andrei Botez is a manufacturing engineer with Rejuvenation in Portland. In fall 2009, he moved to Oregon with his family from Vancouver, Canada. In Canada, he was on the board of the British Columbia Chess Federation, owner of the Silver Knights Junior Chess Club, and head of the Canadian Youth delegation at the 2009 and 2010 World Youth, 2008 Pan American Youth and 2007 North American Youth Chess Championships. He has also been a tournament director for several Canadian Youth Chess Championships. Both of his daughters are active players in scholastic and adult tournaments. In 2009 Andrei was elected Executive Director of the Oregon High School Chess Team Association.

Jeff Risher, At-Large Member
Jeff Risher volunteers as a Coach and organizer of the Metzger Elementary School Chess Club in Tigard where he also teaches Physical Education. As a first year member on the OSCF Board, Jeff’s goals are to bring Chess to more schools, create more playing opportunities for scholastic players, and contribute to the success and vision of the OSCF. Jeff credits chess with helping him to stay focused in the classroom when he was a child as well as teaching him about discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and problem solving.