NW Regional Scholastic Chess Championship – Results, Games, and Annotation Contest!

Thanks to our friends Jacob Mayer and Josh Sinanan in Washington, Oregon players were invited to participate in the first NW Regional Scholastic Chess Championship on May 16. The games were played online and will be NWSRS rated soon.

Oregon played strong! Congratulations to the following top place winners:
William Holbrook, 2nd place, K-1 U800
Jackson Compton, 2nd place, K-3 Open
Brian Wei, 2nd place, 4-8 U900
Eric Erard, Co-Champion, 4-8 Open
Bob Liu, Co-Champion, 4-8 Open
Fedya Semenov, 1st place, 9-12 Open

Here’s Josh’s and Jacob’s recap of the event:

“Thank you for participating in the first ever Northwest Regional Scholastic Chess Championships (NWRSCC) last weekend!  Scholastic chess players from throughout the Northwest States including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia took part. The event was hosted by Washington Chess Federation and directed by Jacob Mayer, with assistance from Ani Barua and Josh Sinanan.  A total of 211 players competed across 6 sections: K-1 U800, 2-3 U800, K-3 Open, 4-8 U900, 4-8 Open, and 9-12 Open.  

Annotation Contest! We will be awarding a 1st and 2nd place prize in each section for the best game annotation!  All you need to do to enter is to select the best or most interesting game you played in the tournament, and add annotations (This includes alternative variations, thoughts about the moves, etc. Not just the moves written in algebraic notation). You can send the final copy through PGN, or even on a word document.  Deadline for submissions is 6/5.  Annotated games will be reviewed and winners will be announced by email and in Northwest Chess magazine!  All annotated games may be submitted to Northwest Chess as part of the NWRSCC article.  Thank you all, and good luck annotating games!
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Yours for Chess, Josh + Jacob”