New Tournament Organizers

OSCF is an all-volunteer organization that was founded by a small group of chess parents who simply wanted to create more opportunities for Oregon kids to compete in high-quality chess tournaments. Rather than waiting for someone else to do it for them, original founders (Sudhakar Kudva, Amy Coughlin, and Kate Taylor) took matters into their own hands — setting standards, organizing tournaments, coordinating events, and holding a state championship. Their enthusiasm and professionalism inspired other parents to join the efforts, and OSCF has been growing dramatically. Last year some 8000 NWSRS-rated games were played in Oregon. Over half of those games were played in events organized and directed by chess parents who at some point just decided to organize a few events while their kids were still interested in chess. Today, OSCF is proud to continue that tradition of encouraging and empowering parents to organize chess clubs and tournaments. If you are considering hosting your first tournament, contact us or read some of the articles below.

Tips for Organizing

OSCF Qualifier Tournaments

“High-quality” Events

NWSRS Ratings Standards and Procedures

Running a Concession Stand

Sportsmanship Awards

Emotional Players