New Qualifier Lists Posted – UPDATE 3/21

The most recent (as of 3-21) list of the 423 players currently qualified for the 2013 OSCF State Tournament in Seaside has been posted.  If you’re on the list, please register online now (it really helps us with planning and organizing).

If you’re not on that list, look at the lists of players who need only one more qualifier tournament (there are still qualifier tournaments that can be played), or the list of players who just need an established rating (you can easily get the additional rated games needed to establish a rating).

If you’re not on either list and really hoped to be able to qualify this year, don’t panic!  There’s still time to qualify even with only two weeks left in the qualifying season, but time is running out!  To learn how, check out this post.

Finally, if you’re not on the list you think you should be on, please contact us, and we’ll work with you to find out if we made a mistake, or if you actually need to do something else to qualify (and what that is!).