New OSCF Website

Welcome to the new OSCF website! The look is the same but the functionality has expanded to include more information, easier access, and more interactive features. On the main page, look for up-to-date news from Oregon, US, and world chess and post your comments.

Some of the new features and information you can find:

Games and Puzzles
On the Resources menu, you can find annotated games by great masters and future masters alike. Send in your own favorite tournament games for publication. Or send in your annotations of great master games.

You can also find thousands of puzzles ranging from pretty easy to very difficult.

On the Tournaments menu, please note the item for “Teams.” OSCF is tentatively planning a chess team state championship for some time in 2012. Go to the link and add your input about format, timing, site, etc.

Online Registration
One of the niftiest features on the old website was the online registration program. We are working on a new one that will be even more easy to use, more powerful, and (perhaps most importantly) more secure. It’s not yet fully operational. Contact us for more information.

Chess Variants
On the Resources menu, read official rules for bughouse, blitz, Chess960, and lesser known variants such as suicide, bomb chess, and ninja chess.

New Information
There are new articles, discussion, and information about:

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