Near-Final Qualifier List Posted; Early Registration Ends TODAY (4/15)

The nearly final list of qualified players has been posted, and 481 players have qualified for the 10th Annual OSCF State Championship!  At this point, only those listed as missing an established rating still have any opportunity to qualify by the end of the day; contact us if you are on that list and want to still try and qualify.  The list of registered players has also been updated for registrations received through 11:50pm Monday evening 4/13 (we’ll update further tonight).  If you haven’t registered yet, do it now by clicking here — you only have 9 hours before registration rates increase at midnight on Wednesday 4/15.  If you miss that deadline, you can still register, but the costs start to increase as our volunteers have to start duplicating work.

Remember that ratings for purposes of section placement and initial pairings will be set based on the NWSRS database as published immediately after 4/15 (supplemented, as appropriate, by the most recent USCF Ratings Supplement published as of 4/16, which should be the May Supplement).  So if you play at a tournament over the April 17-19 weekend, your rating for State won’t be affected by the outcome of that event.