Metzger Winter Classic Kick Starts the New Year!

For most scholastic players in the Portland area the Winter Classic is the starting line for the Road To Seaside. 135 players came from all over to play in this annual event. Trophies were given out to the top two teams in each section and the top four individuals in each section. Medals were given to 5th, 6th and sportsmanship in each section. Daniel Fan was the player that received the most praise rising up to play in the Open 1200+ section to even out the Kings at 10 players. The top cash prize in the Kings Open went to Clemen Deng with a perfect score, edging out Dimitri Murphy and younger brother Leo who place 3rd. This added up to a total of 83 awards for this OSCF State Championship Qualifier!
With the addition of the team trophies the other new attraction to this year’s tournament was a competitive and fun All Girls Section-The Queens.
Top finishers:
1.Nancy Wu-Forest Park
2.Allison Mattingly-Cooper Mtn.
3.Christi Severin-Happy Valley
4.Gloria Rosas-Metzger
1. Metzger
2. Forest Park

Knights Section A
1.Shriya De-Oregon Episcopal School
2.Christopher Cannard-Charles F. Tigard
3.Tate Woodward-Metzger
4.Sam Fitzgerald-Metzger
1. Metzger
2. Charles F. Tigard

Knights Section B
1.Lucas Erickson-Metzger
2.Ethan McCleeland-Metzger
3.Matthew Cowperthwaite-Forest Park
4.Scout Hawkey-Forest Park

1. Forest Park
2. Metzger

Knights Section C
1.Conner Mancuso-Happy Valley
2.Evan Bishop-Metzger
3.John Tran-Metzger
4.John Evan Mattingly-Cooper Mtn.
1.Forest Park

Bishops Section A
1.Nathan Williams-Charles F. Tigard
2.Jose Jaime Gonzalez-Delphian
3.Corbin Frias-Cooper Mtn.
4.Korbin Springer-Delphian
2.Charles F. Tigard

Bishops Section B
1.Travis Albers-John McLoughlin Elementary
2.Akshay Pulavarty-Meadow Park MS
3.Kevin Nguyen-Sylvan MS
4.Andrew Cousineau-Oregon Connections Academy
1.Forest Park
2.Sylvan Middle School

Rooks Section A
1.Alexander Eisenhauer-Fowler MS
2.Randy Zhang-Forest Park
3.Kyle Liu-Jacob Wismer Elem.
4.Dylan Huardp-Sylvan MS
1.Sylvan MS
2.Forest Park

Rooks Section B
1.Mason Bagoyo-Cooper Mtn.
2.Benjamin Kleier-HSO
3.Brett Horton-Delphian
4.Keshav Siddhartha-Jacob Wismer Elem
1.Cooper Mountain

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the Metzger Winter Classic an enjoyable experience for all!