London, Round 2

Kramnik-Nakamura, 0-1
Nakamura is still young, but he has rocketed to the highest levels of the chess world. He’s now making a strong case that he belongs there. Yesterday he drew against world champion Anand. Today he beat former world champion and current world #4 Vladimir Kramnik — and was playing black. Kramnik rarely loses, especially on white. The game was a strange one, with Kramnik blundering a piece in the opening. To win the piece, though, Nakamura’s king was exposed to attack, and his pieces were left tangled in knots. It was just a matter of time until he freed his pieces to win.

Short-McShane, 0-1
Following up on his surprise win over Carlsen yesterday, McShane was not satisfied with a draw today. He played the Sicilian Dragon, an opening that is famous for double-edged tactical positions. Short responded with the ultra-sharp Yugoslav Attack. In vintage dragon style, McShane parried the threats to his king and then systematically began plucking off Short’s pawns. Short resigned just before McShane promoted one of his extra pawns.

Carlsen-Adams, 1-0
After yesterday’s loss, Carlsen rebounded with a win over Adams. Adams had an advantage coming out of the opening with a nice queenside attack. Then, he began migrating all his pieces to the h-file, and Carlsen promptly thumped him.

Howell-Anand, 1/2-1/2
For the second day in a row, the world champion worked up a sizable advantage but was unable to find a way to win. Howell defended accurately and earned a long, hard-fought draw.

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