How to Qualify for the OSCF State Championship

To play in the OSCF State Championship tournament in Seaside, OR, a player must meet three criteria:


  1. Age & Residency: Open only to Oregon students in grades K-12, and ages 5-19.
  2. Participation: Play in at least one “OSCF State Qualifier” tournament listed in green font on the NWSRS calendar between the Sunday after the prior year’s championship tournament and two Wednesdays before each year’s event AND have played at least 8 rated games played between September 1, 2021  and March 23, 2022 (can be found at Chess Ratings NorthWest along with your player rating).
  3. Experience: WAIVED FOR THE 2022 CHAMPIONSHIP. Normally we require players to earn an established NWSRS or US Chess Federation rating, i.e., have played at least 15 NWSRS rated games, or 26 USCF rated games, over your entire chess career by two Wednesdays before each year’s event. However, because some players are just getting started playing chess, we are waiving this requirement for the 2022 Championship.

The Fine Print:

  1. Age & Residency:  Players must be at least 5 years old, and enrolled in kindergarten or a higher grade (whether public, private, or as a registered homeschool student) on the date of the tournament.  Players cannot have graduated from high school (or received a GED), nor may they be older than 19 on September 1 of the year prior to the date of the relevant championship.  Players must either live full-time in Oregon, attend an Oregon public or private school full-time, or be registered in Oregon as a homeschooled student.  However, players are not eligible if, during the relevant academic year, they have attended or plan to attend the scholastic chess championship of another state that places residential limits on players’ participation.  If there is any question regarding player eligibility, grade level or residency, please address it to the OSCF Board prior to registering for the tournament, and preferably well before that. OSCF Board decisions are final.  Note that there may be separate age requirements connected with nominations for national invitational tournaments.
  2. Participation:   OSCF championship qualifier tournaments must be held in Oregon, be NWSRS or USCF rated (or both), have a time control of G/25 or longer, be open to all players, and be certified by OSCF. Qualifiers are normally listed in green font on the NWSRS calendar and advertised as qualifiers in advance of the event.  Many USCF-rated events would count as a qualifier, but may not be listed.  Players seeking to qualify via USCF-rated only play will NOT automatically qualify if they have not played in an NWSRS-rated qualifying event during the year (but see #4 below; an invitation will generally be extended to players meeting the other criteria who have established USCF ratings and have played at least 2 significant USCF-rated events during the relevant period.)  Contact OSCF or your team league coordinator for details.
  3. Experience:   Games must be played; byes and forfeits do not count. Some tournaments are NWSRS rated only, some are USCF rated only and some are NWSRS/USCF dual rated. Be sure to read the fine print when registering for any tournament so you understand the number of rated games that will be played and which type of rating system will be used.  That said, “rated” games for purposes of developing an “established” rating do not need to be played at OSCF qualifier tournaments; club coaches can submit games for NWSRS rating, and non-qualifier tournament games that are NWSRS rated can count as well.
  4. By Invitation:  In order to accommodate players with established ratings whose commitment to chess is demonstrated, but who otherwise have not met the eligibility requirements listed above prior to the cutoff date, the OSCF Board may, at its sole discretion and at the request of a coach, parent, or player, invite additional players to participate in a given year’s State Championship.

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