High School Midwest League

Several Eugene area high school teams comprise the Midwest League — Churchill, Creswell, Junction City, Marist, Pleasant Hill, Sheldon, South Eugene, Springfield, Willamette. Several of the teams are strong and should do well at the OHSCTA championships in March. A contender for the title is Pleasant Hill, who tied for first at last year’s championship (but coming up short on tie breaks). This year’s A team has three returning players (Caleb Kesey, Quinn Stearns, and Jacob Moch), but their newest arrival, Jack Dale, may be the strongest of the lot. Cottage Grove also has a strong team that has been active and performing well for years. The team from South Eugene is mostly inexperienced but surprisingly strong — keep an eye on them at State and in the coming years.

Results from rounds 1-6 are now posted at NWSRS.

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