*FREE* Midland Open in Portland on August 11

Sun, Aug 11, 2019 10:00am – 4:00pm

This tournament is a Qualifier for the 2020 OSCF Tournament.

This chess tournament is open to all and will be submitted for rating to the Northwest Scholastic Rating Service.

TYPE; 4 Round Swiss

TIME CONTROL: Game in 25; 5 second delay


AWARDS: Chess Book to the top three Finishers


EQUIPMENT: YOU MUST BRING A CHESS SET AND BOARD.  If you do not bring a chess set and board —- I may not be able accept your registration.  In other words you may not play if you don’t bring equipment as I only will have a few extra sets and boards.  Also bring a chess clock if you have one.  Also bring a pen/pencil and scoresheets to record the moves of your games.

REGISTRATION: On-site from 10AM – 10:15 AM. I will need the following information for registration: Your Name, the school you attended, your grade in school (I actually need what grade you were just in, not the one you will be going to in September), and a contact method (phone/e=mail). You may also pre-register by send an e-mail with the above information to “chessalot@aol.com“. If you pre-register you must still check in by 10:15 AM.  Those that register by e-mail will be given preference if I need to reduce those registered due to a lack of equipment or space.

Location Details
Midway Library
805 SE 122nd Ave
Portland OR 97233 

Location Phone: (503) 988-5392