*FREE* Chess Class and Quads in Happy Valley (Dec. 26, 27, 28, 29, & 30)

This event is open to all and is FREE.  Participants do need to be familiar with the rules of chess and chess notation.  Bring chess set and chess board with you.  We will be using the Community Room which is located at the back of this New Seasons store.Please note we will begin at 9 AM each day except for Monday, December 30th which will begin at 5:30PM.

Each class will be about thirty minutes long,  Each day a variation of the Ruy Lopez Opening will be presented:

Thursday – December 26th – C60 – Cozio Defense 3…Nge7
Friday –  December 27th – C61 – Bird’s Defense 3..,Nd4
Saturday – December 28th – C62 – Steinitz Defense 3…d6
Sunday – December 29th –  C63 – Schliemann Defense 3…f5
Monday – December 30th – C64 – Classical 3..Bc5

After each class, there will be a rated quad. The make-up of Quad’s will be at the TD’s discretion. Time control game in 25 minutes with a 5 second delay.  Winner of each quad will be awarded a chess book.  Tie breaks used: lowest rating, and youngest age.

Each NWSRS rated game will count toward qualifying for the 2020 OSCF State Championship.

Registration:  No on-site registration.  All must register by e-mail.

To register send Ed Addis an e-mail at “chessalot@aol.com“.  Include your first and last name, grade in school, and school you attend.  For adults I need your first and last name and which state you live in.  I also need to know which dates each of you plan to attend.
Space is limited so register early.