Finalist List Updated (Updated)

So far this season, there have been 58 qualifier tournaments rated (and results from PCC G/60 from 2/26 and from Chess Vision Quads 2/27 are expected soon). The finalist list of players who have qualified to play in the OSCF State championship in Seaside April 1-2 has swelled to 304.

To qualify for the Championship, players must meet three general criteria:

  1. Age & Residency: Open only to Oregon students in grades K-12.
  2. Participation: Play in at least two “2011 OSCF State Qualifier” tournaments.
  3. Experience: Earn an established NWSRS or US Chess Federation rating, i.e. play at least 15 NWSRS or 26 USCF rated games lifetime.

For details, visit the “To Qualify” page at