Final Push to Qualify for State!

Time is beginning to run short for those looking to join the 454 players already qualified for the OSCF State Championship in Seaside on April 11-12.  Check the qualified player list here; if you don’t see your name, check the lists of players needing an established rating (15 total career rated games) and those needing an additional qualifying tournament.  There are just eight qualifying events left in which you can meet the requirements… but there are eight qualifying events left before the April 1 deadline!  Here’s the list of upcoming events – most of these are discussed in further detail on the NWSRS calendar.

Once you’ve qualified, click here to register!  The deadline for early registration ($35) is Wednesday, April 2.

Qualifier Start Date Organizer City
Portland Chess Club Quad 45
(better for advanced players)
3/15/2014 Micah Smith / PCC Portland
Silver Knight Chess Club Quads (Happy Valley) 3/16/2014 Andrei Botez Happy Valley
Corvallis Pot of Gold PE+ Quads 3/21/2014 Lisa Still Corvallis
Chess Odyssey Friday Night Quads 3/21/2014 Pete Prochaska Portland
Bethel Last Friday Quads (Eugene) 3/28/2014 Mike Myers Eugene
Chess Odyssey Friday Night Quads 3/28/2014 Pete Prochaska Portland
Portland Chess Club G/60
(best for advanced players)
3/29/2014 PCC Portland
Silver Knight Chess Club Quads (Happy Valley) 3/30/2014 Andrei Botez Happy Valley