Elite Section Registrants (check in Friday AM); All others Saturday AM

The following players are registered to play in the Middle School or High School Platinum Elite sections at Seaside.  They include all players with ratings over 1300 (middle school) or over 1400 (high school), as well as any players that have elected to play up in order to compete in these qualifiers for the national Denker and Barber tournaments.  These players should check in by 10:30am on Friday April 24.

If your player is NOT on this list, and if they’re not coming for blitz or bughouse on Friday evening at 4:00pm and 6:00pm respectively, the check in deadline is 9:00 AM on Saturday April 25.  In other words, for everyone except the below players, you must check in for the regular tournament no later than Saturday morning.

For other information, see Frequently Asked Questions about State

HS Elite Section MS Elite Section
William Adriance Mason Bagoyo
Elena Allen Liam Booth
Ethan Allison Andrea Botez
Ari Bluffstone Konner Feldman
Venkat Doddapaneni Corbin Frias
Aaron Grabinsky Avril Gauthier
James Hansen Joshua Grabinsky
Nathan Jewell Sinan Grehan
Cameron Kocher Rohit Gupta
Devin Landrum Andrei Kleshchev
Patrick Le Raj Kodithyala
Brian Cheng Tse Lee Colin Liu
Isaiah Lee Jack Woo McClain
William Liang Owen McCoy
Valentin Molchanov Michael Moore
Anders Olsen Neal Ornes
John Ornes Nicholas Richardson
Josiah Perkins Duncan Soiffer
Benjamin Pikus Seth Talyansky
Yogi Saputra Paul Thornton
Pranav Sharan Sean Uan-Zo-Li
Gabriel Skoro Jake Winkler
Rory Soiffer Peter Woltjer
Ben Tan Ethan Wu
Jimmy Tang Marshal Xu
Pavan Thakkar Gavin Zhang
Alex Yeo
Owen Young-Flynn