Corvallis vs. Eugene

Time for a Eugene-Corvallis Chess Civil War!

Who: Players and local friends of Emerald City Chess Club and players and friends of Corvallis Chess Club. All are welcome. We are expecting players of all skill and experience levels from intermediate (but comfortable with G/90) through strong expert. USCF membership required.

Format: Three-round, G/90, Scheveningen matches. The Eugene and Corvallis teams will each be divided into groups of three to play all-play-all against players in the corresponding group on the opposing team. If the number of players on each team is not a multiple of three, there may also be a Swiss section or two with 4-8 players. Team blocks will be used in any Swiss sections where possible to help ensure that teammates are not paired against each other. All games will be USCF rated, and USCF membership is required.

Schedule: October 22. Check-in 9:30 a.m. First round 10:00.

Registration: Preregister by contacting Dan Dalthorp (, Corvallis/Albany) or Rob Fisette (, Eugene). A simple, “I’m coming” will suffice. Please include name and USCF ID.

Location: University of Oregon, Eugene. Rooms ED 116 and ED 117. The “ED” refers to the Lokey Education complex ( The building is in the bottom left corner. If you have trouble finding the room on tournament morning, call Rob at 541-359-2262 for assistance. Contact Dan Dalthorp ( if you are interested in carpooling from Corvallis/Albany or need a ride.

Fees and Awards: No fees. This is a friendly match for camaraderie, great chess, and bragging rights.

Who’s Coming?

Nick Proudfoot (2081)
Moshe Rachmuth (1920, Israeli rating)
Rob Fisette (1914)
Jason Ellis (1853)
Greg Freeze (1846)
Ivan La Follette (1691)
Jack Dale (1461)
Dave Cohen (1300)
Roy Toll (1223)
Alathea Letaw (1008)
AC Scott (unr.)

Bryant Brownell (1958)
David Wen (1800)
Matt Dalthorp (1791)
Dan Rogers (1754)
Harry Demarest (1710)
Alex Mueller-Warrant (1687)
Dan Dalthorp (1612)
Stan Taylor (1459)