Coquille Valley Chess Tournament

By Nancy Keller

Better than in-school detention, this week there was an in-school chess tournament at Coquille Valley Middle School.

For kids, it gave them the chance to skip classes with a valid excuse and play for the “giant candy bar” prizes.

Some Elementary School Players Showing Off Their Prizes

Some Elementary School Players Showing Off Their Prizes

For Coach Keller, it gave her an opportunity to test interested chess players skills and start eyeing those with the potential of being on this year’s state team.

“I realize some kids play just to skip classes but I am always amazed that a proportion of them become very interested in chess after the fun tournament, especially when they discover they have talent. This tournament, everyone gets to play and not depend on transportation issues or weekend family plans. This allows me to find those hidden gems of excellent chess players.” With nearly seventy participants, the tournament was held in the cafeteria until lunch and then played in sections for the afternoon in the smaller art room. To finish the chess tournament, the elementary players gave up Friday’s lunch recess. Lynn Kindred and Angelina Perkins helped supervise and officiate disputed games and moves. It was a tournament filled with excitement and as always, has generated strong
interest in chess.

“I suspect a lot of these kids will be asking their parents and family to play them chess this Christmas vacation and I hope Santa has a lot of chess development computer games and books!”

Coqulle Chess Club Junior High Chess Champion: Aaron Grabinsky
Coquille Chess Club Elementary Chess Champion: Josiah Perkins
Coquille Valley Middle School Junior High Chess Champion: Jace Sperling
Coquille Valley Intermediate School Elementary Chess Champion: Ted Wright

Eighth Grade:
1st place: Sarai Perkins
2nd place: Kaitlyn Davidson, Seth Lambson
3rd place: Jordan Isenhard

Seventh Grade:
1st place: Aaron Grabinsky
2nd place: Emily Terry, Tyler Neuschwander, Noelani Daily
3rd place: Devon Berg, Kyle Bowman

Sixth Grade:
1st place: Jace Sperling, Kaden Johnson
2nd place: James Hopper, Tyler Overby, Jay Bussen
3rd place: Emily Clemons, Kaleb Flores, Dillon Chambers, Mason Collard

Fifth Grade:
1st place: Dustin Neuwirth
2nd place: Jake Hurt
3rd place: Grady Hampel, Ben Lack, Jakob Grant

Fourth Grade:
1st place: Jed Wright
2nd place: Kassidy Duke
3rd place: Taylor Waleke

Third Grade:
1st place: Sam Huffman
2nd place: Hannah Perkins, Caleb Prince
3rd place: Trinity Frye, Peyton Forbes, Jacob Warren

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