Coquille Scholastic and Adult Tournament

by Nancy Keller.

UPDATE: Full rated results are now posted at NWSRS.

Saturday, school was out and chess was in.

While high schoolers decorated the school for the evening dance, several classrooms were filled with competing chess players playing for trophies or cash prizes.  Participants came from Bandon, Coos Bay, Myrtle Point and Myrtle Creek.
In the Elite section, the more skilled Coquille players had a chance to try and beat an adult Class A player Randy Smolensky.  The games were intense and brutal but Randy managed to win all four of his games.  He said the games were tough and his opponents — Josiah Perkins, Jessi Ross, Marshfield’s Shawn Hutchinson and adult Jeff Sperling — were worthwhile opponents.  In the last game, high school arch rivals (only on the chess board) Jessi Ross and Shawn Hutchinson were paired and the game ended in a draw.  They will be competing against each other in the Coos Curry Regionals to represent the Coos Curry High School Individual Champion at the Chess for Success State Tournament March 4th. Smolensky won a clear first place in the Elite section with Hutchinson, Ross and Jeff Sperling in a threeway tie for second place.

Elementary Trophy Winners: Jed Wright, Marino Santoro, Cooper Page, Joshua Grabinsky, Izabella Sperling, Gracie Wright, Sam Huffman, Angie Morones, Jacob Warren, Mackenzie Collard and Caleb Prince

The Elementary Section had a small turnout due to the competing Boy Scout Winter campout.  A new face from Bandon, Marino Santoro (4th grade) ended up in a three way tie with  experienced Joshua Grabinsky (2nd grade) and Jed Wright (4th grade).  Expect to see the three of them vying for Coos Curry County 4th grade and under individual championship at Regionals.

In the 6th grade through adult section, James Hopper (6th grade) managed to beat out Dee Dee

Trophy Winners in the Upper Division

Cooper (adult) during the final round to clearly win first place in the upper division.  Jenni Ross (Coquille 11th grade) and Jordan LeBlanc (North Bend 9th grade) tied for second place.

The Elite Section was formed around the best chess players and were:  Randy Smolensky (Myrtle Creek adult), Jessi Ross (Coquille 10th grade), Shawn Hutchinson (Coos Bay 12th grade), Jeffrey Sperling (Coquille adult), Josiah Perkins (Coquille 5th grade), Kaitlyn Davidson (Coquille 8th grade), Natasha Keller (Coquille 11th grade), Hailey Riley (Coquille 7th grade), Jace Sperling (Coquille 6th grade) and Sarai Perkins (Coquille 8th grade).


In the other divisions first place players for their grade level were:
Adult:  Dee Dee Page (Coquille)
11th-12th grade:  Jenni Ross (Coquille)
9th-10th grade:  Jordan LaBlanc (North Bend)
8th grade:  Aaron Opp (Myrtle Creek)
7th grade:  Noelani Daily (Coquille)
6th grade:  James Hopper (Coquille)
5th grade:  Cooper Page (Coquille)
4th grade:  Jed Wright (Coquille)
3rd grade:  Sam Huffman (Coquille)
2nd grade:  Joshua Grabinsky (Coquille)
K-1st grade:  Gracie Wright (Coquille)

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