Coquille In-House: Pay Attention!

Coquille is producing great scholastic chess players in great numbers. It is hard to keep up with their progress, but be prepared to see a number of them near the tops of cross tables at the state championship in Seaside in April.

by Nancy Keller
Tuesday, January 10th, sixty three middle school students and home school students skipped some school with full permission in order to play in the Coquille Valley Middle In School Chess Tournament. Coach Nancy Keller used this tournament to find hidden talents, determine State teams and find the school champions.

Instead of trophies, the incentive was large candy to be given to the top finishers in each grade. As each round was called, the kids excitedly took their places to play chess. After a four round battle, the champions were determined. Coquille Valley Middle School champion is Kaden Johnson and the Coquille Valley Elementary champion is Vincent Thrash. Homeschool students Aaron Grabinsky and his brother Joshua Grabinsky dominated the event as well, each winning all their games.

Eighth Grade (Numbers in parentheses are scores in four rounds.)
1st place–Aaron Grabinsky (4)
2nd-3rd place–Hailey Riley (3), Harold Bertrand (3)
4th place–Tyler Neuschwander (2.5)

Seventh Grade
1st place–Kaden Johnson (3.5)
2nd place–Tyler Overby (3)
3rd place–Sabrina Smith (2.5)

Sixth Grade
1st place–JJ Newman (3)
2nd-3rd place–Josiah Perkins (2.5), Dustin Neuwirth (2.5)
4th-5th place–Ben Lack (2.0), Taylor Smith (2.0)

Fifth Grade
1st place–Vincent Thrash (4)
2nd-3rd place–Jed Wright (3), Jordan Henderson (3)
4th place–Tyler Larsen (2.5)

Fourth Grade
1st-3rd place–Caleb Prince (3), Sam Huffman (3), Garrett Baird (3)
4th place–Alexis Foster (2.5)

Third Grade
1st place–Joshua Grabinsky (4)
2nd place–Emily McAllister (3)
3rd place–Owen Harris (2.5)