Coaches and Instruction

Chess Odyssey

Located in Beaverton/Hillsboro area west of Portland. Camps, on-site curricular instruction, individual instruction, tournaments and fun events.
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Chess Vision

A chess company serving Portland and surrounding areas. With years of experience providing after school clubs, chess camps, and private instruction for students. For more information about events please visit their website.
Web Address: http://www.ChessVision.Net

Southside Chess

Serving Eugene and surrounding areas, Southside Chess has a proven record of producing champion players and teams. Camps during summers, meetings after school, Saturday classes during the school year, and school clubs.
Contact: Jerry Ramey, 541-232-0328. email:

Chuck Schulien – chess coach

US and World Chess Federation Master, Oregon’s top ranked player. Full time chess coach for 10 years. Works with students of all ages, individually or in groups. Available for lessons, exhibitions, or consultation. Contact via email at

Carl Haessler – Chess Master

3-time Oregon Champion; USCF Life Master since 1989.
Private and group lessons available.

Steven Breckenridge – Chess Master

Oregon scholastic champion 2007-2009, Winner of 2010 Portland Fall Open, and 2007 Junior High Blitz Champion. Coaching, lessons, clubs.

Castle Chess Camp

Each year in June, Castle Chess Camp at Emory University in Georgia features top notch instruction by well-known GMs like Julio Becerra and Gregory Serper. K-12 students from far and wide attend for a week to live and breathe chess–and become stronger players.
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Mountain Lakes Chess Camps

FM Larry Evans of San Diego holds these camps in California every summer. One of the best fun camps for kids and their parents. Two camps held annually, one in the LA area and another near Sacramento.
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USCF – How to Read and Write Chess

This website is a terrific spot for newly notating chess players! How do you correctly notate castling, en passant and pawn promotion? Answers to these questions and more are just a click away.
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