Coach Chad’s Beginner/Intermediate Chess Classes for Grades 1-5 on Weds. May 13-Jun 17

Chad Lykins is offering an online class for beginner and intermediate students in Grades 1-5 on Wednesdays from 1:00pm-2:30pm (PST). Class begins May 13 and runs for 6 weeks. Enrollment capped at 10 students. $60 tuition covers all six weeks. Payment via Venmo or Paypal (instructions sent after registration).

Class takes place on Zoom and Lichess. Students will need a Chromebook or laptop to participate. REGISTER YOUR PLAYER(S) HERE.

– Opening principles (development, central control, king safety)
– Basic tactical patterns (forks, pins, revealed attacks, etc.)
– Basic checkmates (king and queen, king and rook, back rank mate, queen and helper, etc.)

And most importantly:
– Finding undefended pieces (counting the number of defenders and attackers)

Beginners usually lose games because they hang a piece. Intermediate players lose games for the same reason, though the hanging piece may be a little less obvious because it is buried under a one or two move tactic. Cleaning up these errors is the first, second, and third priority for players who want to improve.

– Students will participate via Zoom and Lichess. Topics are taught through puzzles and analysis of student games.
– Students will have chances in class to play each other and the coach.
– In between classes, students will play each other in correspondence games on I will use these games to teach.

About Me:

I’ve coached chess at Hayhurst Elementary School for the last four years, helping take the club to multiple regional championships and a share of 1st place at the 2019 OSCF Team State Championship. I’m also tournament director for the Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Chess Tournament and the OSCF K-12 Team Championship.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was a beginner myself. I played my first tournament game in May 2017 and earned an USCF rating of 773. In January 2020, I reached a peak USCF Rating of 1650. I’m in a race against my son to see who can reach 1800 first. I think he’s going to win.