On Saturday, March 5th, the Clatskanie Chess Mates held their first OSCF qualifier tournament since re-forming the club in the fall of 2010. Nine players from Corvallis, Tigard, and Portland joined nine local Clatskanie players in a smoothly run event. New Clatskanie TDs Lynn Wiles and Frank Bechdoldt are planning to run two more qualifiers before the state championship and to bring several Clatskanie players to Seaside. Tigard chess dad Steve Cousineau stepped in with much appreciated help at critical moments.

Players were nicely divided into three six-player sections to play round robins. Results:


Sierra and Zia showing off their trophies

1st Place – Zia Wiles, 7th Grade, Clatskanie
2nd Place – Andrew Cousineau, 8th Grade, Tigard
3rd Place – Sierra Bechdoldt, 5th Grade, Clatskanie

Novice A
1st Place – Andy Bechdoldt, 5th Grade, Clatskanie
2nd Place – Andrew Martin, 2nd Grade, Corvallis
3rd Place – Tim Cousineau, Grade K, Tigard

Novice B
1st Place – Robert Cousineau, 5th Grade , Tigard
2nd Place – Jesse Norgren, 5th Grade, Clatskanie
3rd Place – Ethan Wright, 5th Grade, Corvallis

In addition to the traditional trophies for highest-scoring players, awards were also given for other virtues as well.

Best Notation – Alba Martin, 4th Grade, Corvallis
Alba meticulously and consistently entered her moves in a hardcover notation book. Very neat. Very conscientious.

Best Handshake – Sierra Bechtold, 5th Grade, Clatskanie
Sierra’s winning personality is on a two-tournament win streak for Best Handshake. Palm-to-palm, firm grip, good eye-contact, friendly expression, pleasant voice…the perfect handshake!

Norgrens with their trophies: Jesse with 2nd place, Reilly with Best Sportsmanship

Best Sportsmanship (the biggest trophy, in the spirit of Kate Taylor) – Reilly Norgren, 1st Grade, Clatskanie
Reilly knows how to have fun. She was cheerful and energetic all day, but she was not the least bit disruptive to her opponents or other players. She also diligently and carefully notated her games. Reilly is a remarkable young girl — a well-deserved, biggest trophy for sportsmanship.

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