Chess4Girls All-Girls Monthly Swiss Tournament


Location: Online via Zoom and

Dates (Tentative: See Chess4Girls)

  • November 13th, 2021
  • December 12, 2021
  • January 16, 2022
  • February 13, 2022
  • March 13, 2022
  • April 17, 2021

Cost: These are free, rated tournaments- no registration fee.

Ratings: NWSRS and Lichess Classical Rated. 2022 OSCF State Championship Qualifier.

Equipment: Participants must use a laptop with a working camera + microphone. Players must be in the Zoom call with their cameras on during games. They also need a free account on to play, using Lichess in Google Chrome.

Sections: Depending on the number of girls who register, the sections will vary. All players will compete based on playing strength. Rounds are Swiss Paired by Lichess so that games become more evenly matched as the event progresses.

Awards: TBD

FORMAT: 4 Round Swiss Paired, G/25 inc 5.

Once you register, players can request to join the Chess4Girls Lichess tournament team and section at

Around the night before the tournament, players will receive (via email) section assignments and Zoom links.

GAME ANALYSIS WITH USCF National Master Zoey Tang!

Oregon’s very own Zoey Tang, currently the highest rated 13-year-old girl in the United States, will be offering game review, feedback, and analysis as the tournament progresses!

A note from Zoey:

I started learning chess at around 7 years old in the library, where I was taught how to move the pieces. When I started out at the school chess club, I had 1~2 female friends who were also playing chess. Over time, though, they dropped out and I was the only one. I remember recently, in the fourth round of the Reno Western States Open, I joked with my friend that our pairing was the only possible all-female game in the whole section. While it was lighthearted at the time, this actually happens in almost all the tournaments I play in. I am often one of the few (or sometimes the only) female chess player in my section. I hope that organizations like Chess4Girls PDX can help close the gender gap. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with the latest generation of Oregonian female chess players, and I look forward to analyzing your games with you!