Bughouse at Seaside

I’m sure you’ve seen how one or two games of bughouse at a school chess club can raise the energy level in the room by a factor of ten. Now imagine 150 excited bughouse players going at it at the same time. A truly amazing event. Plenty of chaos. A superabundance of fun.

Check-in by 6:00 p.m. Friday at the B-hive. If you already have a parnter, great! Think of a clever, interesting name and turn in your registration card. If you don’t have a partner lined up ahead of time, no problem. We’ll help you find one. Entry fee: $10. Games to begin as soon as possible after that (usually 6:45-7:00).

For more info about bughouse play and full rules, visit our bughouse page at http://oscf.org/bughouse/