Blitz Rules For Seaside

For the blitz tournament, the latest USCF blitz rules are in effect, except that we’ll be using “release move” instead of “touch move.” Detailed rules can be found here and a copy will be available at the front desk at the tournament.

The rules for blitz are similar to rules for regular chess, but there are some important differences:

● G/5 time-control without increment or delay

● “Release move” rather than “touch move” or “clock move”, i.e. the move is determined when the fingers come off the moved piece. However, players have the right to correct illegal moves if they do so before pressing the clock.

● Illegal moves lose the game. In particular, after a player moves into check or misses a check and fails to move out of check, the opponent may capture the king to win. Other illegal moves (e.g., castling through check, moving a knight along a diagonal, moving a pawn two squares after it had advanced on a previous move, etc.) are also losing. To claim the win in that case, the opponent stops the clock and raises his or her hand for a TD before moving a piece. “Release move” violations or take-backs are not losing but must be corrected before pressing the clock and may be penalized.

● At the conclusion of their turn, players must press the clock using the same hand they moved their piece with.