Side Events: Blitz, Bughouse and Friends & Family at State

Bug trophiesIt’s fast and furious fun on Friday: Blitz and Bughouse at State!  We’ll have the large Pacific room set for plenty of buzz-iness, including the pre-Bughouse team names and crazy hats contest.  If you didn’t prepay (check here for blitz and here for bughouse), you can purchase tickets on site for $15 per event.

More details about checking in for Blitz (no later than 4pm, but sooner is better) can be found here.

More details about checking in for Bughouse (no later than 6pm, but sooner is better) can be found here.

For those of you feeling left out — whether adult or student — you can sign up for the casual Friends and Family section through the beginning of the first round of play on Saturday morning.  ($15 registration, 4 rounds)  There are plenty of fun prizes for both adult and kid players!

See you in Seaside!