Jeff Dobbins

Newport June Open: June 13-14

Yaquina_Bay_Bridge_Newport_OregonUpdated June 6:  Registration is still open, but advance registration is vastly preferred, so contact organizers (see below) soon.  Registration numbers are still a little low, so why not go and aim for a prize??

What better way to start your summer than with a peaceful weekend of chess at the Oregon Coast?  For the last 25 years, the Central Coast Chess Club of Newport has been running the Newport June Open, and it takes place again this year on June 13-14.  This event features four rating sections, as well as graded entry fees depending on which section you want to play in, and excellent cash prizes.  The organizers are limiting the entry to 46 players, so there will be plenty of room to stretch your legs, and the event plays two rounds a day with leisurely G/90,+30 time controls, so it’s a great way to ease into summer.  The “booster” section (ratings of <1400 USCF) has a $100 first place prize, and they go up from there, so register now to reserve your chance to play.  This event is a 2016 OSCF State Championship qualifier.

For more information about the event, as well as the entry form, click here.  After the break, you’ll also find a “Top 20 reasons to enter the Newport June Open.”  Contact for more information.

OSCF Organization Changes

gavelThe OSCF Board met on Saturday, May 30, and we’re pleased to announce that the Board has elected the following officers for 2015-16:

President:  Rebecca Holt

Vice-President: Kathryn Schuff

Treasurer: Steve Cousineau

In addition, Kathy Stevens will serve as treasurer-in-training.  These officer elections will be final in two weeks unless objections are registered through the contact form by any volunteer parent or coach who organized an OSCF Qualifying Tournament between June 2, 2014 and the present.  Congratulations, and thank you, to our new officers (and thanks to our old officers and board members as well)!  As always, you can reach the board by emailing them through our contact form.  One other note: Jeff Dobbins, former president, will be stepping into the role, long ably served by OSCF Founder Amy Coughlin, of Oregon NWSRS ratings coordinator.

In addition, the Board is posting revisions to the bylaws, which are intended to give the Board more flexibility in setting officers, meetings, and making adjustments to bylaws (our original version of these bylaws required all changes to be approved at the only-lightly-attended annual meetings we hold at the State Championship). These changes are consistent with changes approved at the annual membership meetings over the last two years, and will go into effect in two weeks unless objections are registered through the contact form by any volunteer parent or coach who organized an OSCF Qualifying Tournament between June 2, 2014 and the present.

Thanks for all your support, and feel free to contact us if you have thoughts or questions.

Spring All-Stars

rspuppis_bryne_960The Spring All Stars list was compiled — but the link was hidden.  Sorry!  Find the Spring 2015 All-Stars listed here; this is the list of the top 10 rated players, per grade, who were active between January 1 and April 30, 2015.  Do let us know if you think that you see something incorrect in the list, and we’ll check and add you if necessary.

All-Stars lists are published each trimester of the year. Any player on one or more of the winter, spring or summer lists — or on the 2015 Lifetime Achievement list (to be published next fall), or any member of the Order of the Knight who played a NWSRS rated game between 9/1/14 and 8/31/15 — is eligible to participate in the 2015 8th Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational, which we plan to hold in Salem in on the second Friday in October of 2015 (details to come in September). Congratulations to everyone on the list!

State is Rated

For those of you waiting for the official rating reports for the 10th Annual OSCF State Championship, they’re here!  The NWSRS rating report can be found on the NWSRS web site, and the USCF rating report for the six dual-rated sections can be found at the USCF website.  Note that the USCF report, in particular, is not in tiebreak order.  To learn more about tiebreaks, click here.  And while there are more photos to come, take a look at what’s been posted already by clicking here.

DSC_3264Congratulations to our State Champions:

High School: Yogi Saputra
Middle School: Owen McCoy
Elementary School: (Three-way tie between) Maxwell Chen, Victor Dossin, and Praveer Sharan
Primary School: Eric Erard

Also taking home top trophies were the following section winners:

HS Silver: Ben Kurtz
HS Copper: Holger Mirkes
MS Silver: Nikhil Samudrala
MS Copper: Adam Jones
MS Zinc: Nick Diana
MS Iron: Darshan Sankar
ES Silver: Calvin Chang
ES Copper: Allison Mattingly
ES Zinc: Thomas Schuff
ES Iron: Garrett Mackey
PS Silver: Forrest Holt
PS Copper: Ocean Punsalan
Friends & Family (Open): Dagadu Gaikwad
Friends & Family (Kids): River Nichols

The top bughouse section was won by Owen McCoy and Jack Woo McClain.

The top blitz section was won by Aaron Grabinsky.

Thank you!

0425150713It was a beautiful day yesterday in Seaside, where over 350 scholastic chess players (plus an additional 32 friends and family players) gathered together for a celebratory day of chess.

We will have more follow up later, but as families get home and settle back into their daily routines, we just wanted to say thank you:

  • to all the players and families who came so far and delivered their energy and enjoyment of the game;
  • to everyone who volunteered to help, regardless of where and when, whether you agreed to help from home before the event, to monitor rooms for a couple hours or all day, to TD several rounds, or to answer questions at chess central;
  • to those who stepped in to help informally, whether you were just helping to keep the excitement of the tourney at a safe level, or agreeing to help TD at the last minute;
  • to the Convention Center and the City of Seaside for playing the perfect hosts yet again (and arranging for great weather);
  • to board members past, present, and newly elected (on which more later) for stepping up to take a lead role in helping to set policy, develop ideas, and do the groundwork for these events and those that lead up to them;
  • and, of course, to the players who demonstrated such energy and commitment throughout the weekend (and who we hope had fun as well!).

There are many more worth thanking – you know who you are – and we’ll put up a more detailed post later.

Ratings will be posted within a few days – we need to make sure final results, including schools, grades, names, and scores, are all accurate.  We’ll also post photos and solicit your input about what worked and what didn’t.  And finally, we’ll start planning for the next State Championship – our Eleventh Annual – to be held on April 29-30, 2016!


We’re rolling in Seaside

0424150906Friday morning broke partly sunny — to be expected in Seaside on a late day in April — as top Middle School and High School Chess players assembled for the first two rounds in their quest to become Oregon champion in their section and age group, as well as to become Oregon’s nominee to the national Denker and Barber Tournaments of Champions.

Early afternoon was marked by the flurry of blitz — a record number for us, at 151 — and then the evening turned to the barely contained insanity of bughouse — 28 sections, 115 teams, and 224 players — a championship record and an Oregon record.  Teams walked away with the coveted bug trophies, and tried to get to sleep before the main event starts on Saturday morning.

By 9:40 tomorrow morning, we expect 359 scholastic players to be off and running at the 10th Annual OSCF State Championship.  Hope to see you there.

Details about Bughouse; email registration for it!

IMG_3642Barring an alien landing, Bughouse will be the craziest event of this 10th Anniversary Weekend.  Players come with crazy hats and they concoct foolish, punny, and thoughtful team names for the pleasure of their competitors.  We vote on the best hat and names, and award prizes for the same, and then we begin play.

To learn more about how bughouse works, how to check in, and for other details about sectioning and how this is all going to happen on Friday evening, go to this details page.

Preliminary Sections for State; Scheduling notes

Click here to see the section assignments currently planned for State 2015.  Note that EXCEPT for the MS & HS Elite sections, which are pretty fixed at this point, these assignments are subject to change up until the start of the first round as we attempt to keep sections even in the face of people not attending.  Your name tag that you pick up at the main registration desk will include your final section assignment, as well as detailed schedule information for the rounds in your room.

As we’ve already pointed out, check in for everyone except the HS and MS Elite sections is no later than 9am on Saturday.  You can check in through the day on Friday, or Saturday morning starting at 7:30am.  For those two elite sections only, be there by 10:30am on Friday.

As for schedule:  Generally speaking, the Green room rounds will start by 9:30 on Saturday, finish by 4:00, and awards should be done by 5:30 (we give all Green room awards at the same time).  The other rooms (Gold and Blue) will start by 9:30 (except for Red – MS & HS Elite, which start on Friday), finish by 6:15, and awards should be done by 7:15 (again, all Red, Gold, and Blue room awards are at the same time).  It’s a late night, we know, but there’s lots of chess to fit in, and there’s plenty to do (including LUCKY CHESS!!) in between the green room awards and the final awards.

Details about Blitz check in and play can be found here; we’re working on final bughouse details (in essence, check in no later than 6 pm on Friday, and bring your Crazy Hats) and will post those soon, same for Friends and Family (check in (or add yourself or your players) on Friday morning between 9:30 and 10:30; rounds start 10:45).

Elite Section Registrants (check in Friday AM); All others Saturday AM

The following players are registered to play in the Middle School or High School Platinum Elite sections at Seaside.  They include all players with ratings over 1300 (middle school) or over 1400 (high school), as well as any players that have elected to play up in order to compete in these qualifiers for the national Denker and Barber tournaments.  These players should check in by 10:30am on Friday April 24.

If your player is NOT on this list, and if they’re not coming for blitz or bughouse on Friday evening at 4:00pm and 6:00pm respectively, the check in deadline is 9:00 AM on Saturday April 25.  In other words, for everyone except the below players, you must check in for the regular tournament no later than Saturday morning.

For other information, see Frequently Asked Questions about State

HS Elite Section MS Elite Section
William Adriance Mason Bagoyo
Elena Allen Liam Booth
Ethan Allison Andrea Botez
Ari Bluffstone Konner Feldman
Venkat Doddapaneni Corbin Frias
Aaron Grabinsky Avril Gauthier
James Hansen Joshua Grabinsky
Nathan Jewell Sinan Grehan
Cameron Kocher Rohit Gupta
Devin Landrum Andrei Kleshchev
Patrick Le Raj Kodithyala
Brian Cheng Tse Lee Colin Liu
Isaiah Lee Jack Woo McClain
William Liang Owen McCoy
Valentin Molchanov Michael Moore
Anders Olsen Neal Ornes
John Ornes Nicholas Richardson
Josiah Perkins Duncan Soiffer
Benjamin Pikus Seth Talyansky
Yogi Saputra Paul Thornton
Pranav Sharan Sean Uan-Zo-Li
Gabriel Skoro Jake Winkler
Rory Soiffer Peter Woltjer
Ben Tan Ethan Wu
Jimmy Tang Marshal Xu
Pavan Thakkar Gavin Zhang
Alex Yeo
Owen Young-Flynn