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Image result for under is undergoing some minor maintenance this weekend.  You shouldn’t notice anything too significant, but if something seems off, give us an hour or two then check again!  Thank you!


OHSCTA State Championship March 2-3 (REGISTER NOW!)

The Oregon High School Chess Team Association has been sponsoring local team chess leagues and holding state championship tournaments for over 50 years.  This year’s edition of this longstanding team-based competition takes place at Willamette High School in Eugene, Oregon, on March 2-3.  Teams are made up of five players (high school players from a single school can play in the Varsity Division; high school or middle school players can play in the JV division for their high school, and; high school or middle school players from any combination of schools can play in the Open Division) who compete in five rounds of high stakes chess (two on Friday evening, three on Saturday).  For more about the tournament itself, see details here.  In order to register teams, or if you are an individual HS or MS player who wants to compete in the individual division, register online at this link before February 28 (Feb. 16th for early bird registration).  Get your teams together and register in order to become recognized as the top high school chess team in Oregon.  There are 1A-6A class division trophies as well in order to establish bragging rights for particular OSAA classifications.  If you have questions, contact OHSCTA leadership at OHSCTA -at-  See you in Eugene!

Last Chance to Register for All Stars Tournament in Salem on October 13

Capitol7The 10th Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational tournament will be held on Friday, October 13 (a statewide inservice day — but check your district to be sure!).  Once again, we’re set to take over the State Capitol for a great day of chess and prizes for all the invitees.  This is an invitation-only event — see if you’re on the invitation list by checking the master list here, and if you are invited we hope you will come.  Details and rules can be found in this document.

REGISTER HERE Registration closes tonight (October 10) at midnight.  We hope you can make it!

OSCF State Rating is Complete

The NWSRS ratings system has been updated through events of Memorial Day weekend, and this means that the OSCF State Championship from earlier in May has now been rated; to see the ratings report for OSCF State, click here.  Along with the USCF section rating report (completed earlier this month — click here), we’re now up to date on our tournaments.  This means that we now have the information necessary to generate the Spring All-Stars lists, which are coming soon.  Keep an eye out here — the lists will be posted on this page once complete.  Have a great final few weeks of school!

State Followup: Thanks, and Ratings / All Stars Info

Thanks to everyone who attended the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship last weekend, and a particular thanks to all the volunteers — parents and coaches of players, as well as last year’s OSCF Board, who helped make the event a great success.  In the end, we had 352 players participate in the main event, including 150 Elementary players (grades 3-5) — our largest number of Elementary players ever, and 20 players shy of our all-time attendance record.  On Friday evening, we had 151 players in the blitz tournament, and 220 players (55 teams) playing bughouse.  We had 23 players in our Friends and Family tournament.

Because the ratings official for the Northwest Scholastic Ratings System is out of the country for the next couple weeks, you won’t see the NWSRS Tournament report for State posted until late May (though the USCF ratings report is complete and posted here).  We will also, therefore, wait until late May to produce the Spring 2017 Oregon All-Stars List (which will cover games played from January 1 through May 6, 2017).  In the meantime, though, linked below is information for each of the sections at State.  Please note that while these sheets include a “Rating” field (with the player rating from before state) and a “Post” field (which includes an estimate of the player’s rating after the tournament), that “Post” rating is an ESTIMATE only, and is not official.  It’s generated within the program that we use for pairing, and while it can be close, it is also often off by many points.  But it’s something to look at until the official reports come in.

2017 OSCF State Section Standings in PDF format

If you have questions about the tiebreak process, please read the information at this link first; it should answer many of your questions.  Those of you looking to go deep into the results can click here for the above PDF document in Excel format.

2017 Veterans

The final program for the 2017 State Championship included an incomplete list of veterans.  Our apologies!  Here is the proper list of those who have competed in the OSCF State Championship 6 or more times, and who are attending this year:

Name Years Attended
Nathan Jewell 12
Justin Bagoyo 11
Mason Bagoyo 11
Torrey Gage-Tomlinson 10
Geordyn Allyn 10
Valentin Molchanov 9
Jake Winkler 9
Seth Talyansky 9
Duncan Soiffer 9
Josiah Perkins 9
Benjamin Kleier 8
Liam Booth 8
James Maslen 8
Aidan Gardner-O’Kearny 8
Colin Liu 8
Jack Woo Mcclain 8
Marshal Xu 7
Nikhil Samudrala 7
Sean Uan-Zo-Li 7
Michael Schuff 7
Arlo Maslen 7
Kyle Liu 7
Jordan Henderson 7
Ethan Wu 6
Alejandro Mcclain 6
Thomas Schuff 6
Cole Fenner 6
Arjun Mann 6
Fedor Semenov 6
Victor Dossin 6
Joshua Grabinsky 6
Quinn Reynolds 6

OSCF State: Who’s Coming?

We currently (as of midnight+1 on May 2) have 346 players registered for the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship!  Who’s Coming?  Check below (click “Read more”).  If you’re not on this list, but think you should be, please CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY by emailing!  Late registration is still available through Wednesday evening:  Click Here — REGISTER NOW!  We will be sending emails to those who are in the HS and MS Platinum sections that start Friday morning a little later this week; we’ll also be sending more details on the event itself.


End of the Trail: Final* Qualifications Lists For State

We have posted the nearly-final qualification lists for the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship, which include all games submitted for rating through April 25. Check here to see if you’re one of the 528 players who qualified.

If you’re not on that list, but think you should be, check the “almost” lists — those who still need a qualifying tournament, and those who need more rated games to meet the established rating requirement. If you think you have accidentally been left off the lists, please CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY by emailing!

For more details on qualification, see this page.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ($35) EXPIRES WEDNESDAY, April 26…so REGISTER NOW!  Note that regular registration ($45) closes Saturday 4/29 at Noon; Late, late registration ($75) closes next Wednesday May 3. 

Updated qualification lists for State — there’s still time to qualify!

We have posted updated qualification lists, which include all games submitted for rating through April 12.  You can check to see if you’re one of the 483 players who has already qualified for the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship, by clicking here:  Check here to see if you’ve already qualified.

If you’re not on that list, check the “almost” lists — those who still need a qualifying tournament, and those who need more rated games to meet the established rating requirement.  If you’re not yet qualified, but on one of those lists, you can still do it!  There are three tournaments remaining in the Portland and Eugene areas before the absolute April 26 deadline (which is also the deadline for early registration).  Check the NWSRS Calendar for green-colored events, including:

April 16: Silver Knights Quads (Happy Valley)
April 22: Oregon State Girls’ Championship (Portland)
April 23: Bethel April Quads (Eugene)

For more details on qualification, see this page.  Once you’ve qualified, you can register by clicking the links below.  Please register ASAP to help our many volunteers get ready for your arrival.




Championship Pins & History

Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the OSCF State Championships over the years; our 12th annual tournament will be on May 5-6, 2017!  Some history as we approach our 12th year:  Our largest OSCF Championship ever involved 372 players in 2014, though our largest blitz and bughouse tournaments (158 and 230 players respectively) were in 2016; last year also saw our largest number of qualified players ever, at 543.

In the material listed after the break (click on “read more”), each year’s statistics are accompanied by a photograph of the Commemorative Pin for each year that the OSCF State Championship has been active.  From 2011-2015, we were fortunate to have our pins designed by Mark Dalthorp (with the assistance of his dad, former OSCF President Dan Dalthorp).  Thanks to them and all our designers for their fine work!  What will our pin be this year?  You’d better qualify and register for the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship to find out!  More pins after the break…