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Calling all High School and Middle School Chess Players – join your local OHSCTA team!

Since the 1960’s the Oregon High School Chess Team Association (OHSCTA) has encouraged Oregon high schools to form leagues to play competitive chess.  The OHSCTA’s goal is to bring this fun, educational sport to all high schools in Oregon.

At the end of each chess season, they sponsor the Oregon High School Chess Team Association Championship, where all teams in Oregon gather together to determine the best of the best!

In a unique competition format, five-player varsity teams from schools of all sizes compete together in a single section to determine both overall state champions and champions from each of the OSAA classifications–1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A. In a separate section, five-player junior varsity teams from schools of all sizes compete together for overall state and OSAA classification junior varsity honors.

The OHSCTA formula is simple:
Chess + High School + Teamwork = Excitement!

If you are interested in joining or forming a league, contact one of the officers or check out the Participating Schools page for a mentor in your area.

For information about how to enter the OHSCTA Championships, see the Championship page of their website, contact them, or contact one of their officers.

Roshen’s Chess Academy Quads in Hillsboro on Oct. 19

Registration closes on the day of the tournament at 10:00 AM. ABSOLUTELY NO ONSITE REGISTRATION.
Register online here.

Location: 3551 NW John Olsen Pl, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Format:  Players are divided into 4 player sections (quads) by NWSRS rating; the last section may end up with  4-7 players. In that case, we will use Swiss pairing (for that section only).

Time Control: 25/5 for time delay clocks. We will provide chess boards, pieces, and clocks for the tournament. But please bring your clock, if you have one.

Notation:  Players are encouraged to notate; players rated over 1000 are required to notate.

Prizes:  First place trophy, second place medal in each section.

All proceeds from the tournaments (minus operating expenses for trophies, medals, etc) will go to the following nonprofit organizations:
• Boy Scouts of America (until September 2019)
• Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation (starting October 2019)

Tiebreakers: Tied players play a two 5 minute blitz games (for each player, one game with black pieces and one game with white pieces). If they are still tied, then the players play an Armageddon Blitz game (White has 6 mins and must win the game and black has 4 mins and must not lose the game. A draw will make Black the winner of the Tiebreaker) No delay/increment.

USCF Memberships available (at a discount!)

OSCF has purchased a large number of memberships “in bulk,” which allows us to offer these to Oregon and Washington scholastic chess players (who will play in Oregon events) at a discount. Normally, a scholastic membership costs $17-26, depending on the age of the player. We are happy to offer individual memberships for just $15 each for any player residing in Oregon or Washington and age 20 or under at the time of redemption.

Simply click here to our purchase page. Fill in the name of the person who is purchasing the membership(s). After purchasing the quantity of memberships you need, you will receive an eVoucher within 2 business days from our treasurer, Renee Chang. Once you receive the eVoucher number, you’re not done yet! Renee will include instructions for you to enter the eVoucher number on the USCF site to complete the membership registration.

Please be patient in this process. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization! Questions? Email us at

Sunday Quads at Portland Chess Club on Oct. 20

Are you a mature scholastic player looking for a serious challenge? Come play in the Sunday Chess Quads at the Portland Chess Club. Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Entry fee is $15 and this is an OSCF State Championship Qualifier.

US Chess dual rated and NWSRS rated. US Chess membership is required and can be purchased during registration. US Chess membership rates/information/benefits

*While this tournament is open to scholastic players, it’s only recommended for mature scholastic players who are capable of playing in a serious tournament and against adults.*

Click here for more info and to register.

Introduction to Oregon Scholastic Chess for the new parent

My child LOVES playing chess, do how do I get him/her/them in competitions? Most tournaments are individual tournaments, meaning players compete on thier own and don’t need to be part of a team. Some schools chess clubs organize their students to attend tournaments, but it is most often up to the parents to register their kid(s) for events. A list of upcoming tournaments can be viewed here.

When is the Chess Season? While chess tournaments occur year-round, the “chess season” roughly follows school season culminating in a fun event – the OSCF State Championship. Don’t let the name fool you. All active chess players are welcome and we give out LOTS of trophies and medals. The Championship is in Seaside on April 24-25, 2020.  The main tournament is all day Saturday and some fun events on Friday.

Since all active chess players are welcome, how do I make sure my player(s) qualify to attend the OSCF State Championship? To qualify for the tournament, players must have played in one tournament, have 8 qualifying games this year, and have played 15 lifetime games (check out NWSRS Ratings – the #Gms is their lifetime games, the #GmsYTD is the number played this year). Don’t stress too much about this, just be sure your kid plays in a few tournaments/quads during the school year (September through April).

There are two main ways to play games: Tournaments and Quads. Tournaments are all day events on weekends. Typically 5 games for the beginning/intermediate players. The tournament is broken into section of players of similar “rating”. Usually age does not matter, only rating. The tournament will pair the player in the first round with someone in their section. Then after the first game, it will pair players who win against each other and those that tied or lost against each other, sorting out top players for awards in the section. The great thing about this is typically all but 1 or 2 players win a game. There is a “skittles” room (an old English word referring to a casual chess game or “pick up” game played for fun) where parents hang out while kids are playing and kids wait for next game. Bring lots of stuff to keep busy. Lots of waiting! Rounds start at designated times, depending on how long the time control is for each round.

Quads are smaller events – sort of mini tournaments. Players are broken into groups of 4 with similar rating,s then they each play the other 3 players. There is less waiting. As soon as the current pair of games complete they swap and begin the next round. It can be very fast for beginners. This is a great way for beginners to get experience and qualifying games.

How does my player earn a chess rating? Your player will get a rating automatically after the first tournament they play.  The player’s rating starts at 400. After each tournament it goes up and down based on whether they win or lose, and the ratings of their opponents. Results from each tournament are submitted to Chess Ratings Northwest (NWSRS), and volunteers compile results and calculate players’ ratings.

Are there chess coaches who can help my player improve? Believe it or not, like any activity there are chess coaches. It is totally not necessary at the beginning phases, but it can also help your player’s game progress quickly and gain confidence. There are a few “basics” that really make a difference beyond just how the pieces move.  Your school’s chess club (if it exists) can provide coaching or you can supplement with private coaching.

Please explore our OSCF website to learn more about chess in Oregon. After you’ve spent time reading more information, if you have additional questions you may contact us at OSCF@OSCF.ORG. A OSCF parent volunteer will get in touch with you directly.

Chess Odyssey Friday Night Quads in Portland on Oct. 25

Qualifier for the OSCF State Championship
Eligibility: All scholastic players, K-12. The tournament is limited to the first 36 players (9 quads) who register. 

Entry fee: $20.00

Registration: Register online at the Chess Odyssey website. Registrations are also accepted by phone call or text, or at the door, before 6:30 pm, if space is available. No registrations will be accepted after 6:30 pm.

Contact: Mike Terrill

Phone: (503) 913-9643
More Info:

Ghosts & Goblins in Eugene on Oct. 26



When: Saturday, October 26th, 2019 

Where: South Eugene High School Cafeteria


(Park behind building, use cafeteria entrance.)

TO REGISTER, SIMPLY EMAIL name, school, grade, address, phone, and indicate which section you wish to play. You can pay at the door (no late fee). 

J-ADOUBE@EFN.ORGOR, call Jerry Ramey at 541-232-0328.  You can also register on-line at       

ELITE EIGHT SECTION: CASH PRIZES $!$!$Auto Qualifiers, Owen McCoy, Josh Grabinsky, and Liam Priest join the top 5 rated Advanced Players. 1stPlace: $125 plus Trophy; 2nd: $75; 3rd: $50. 4 Round, G/60;d5.

ADVANCED SECTION: (open to all) Trophies 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Outstanding performance.  4 Round, G/60;d5. Advanced and Elite winners get free entry in the Elite 8 in THE 2019 FALL CLASSIC.  USCF RATED.


INTERMEDIATE SECTION: (U1000 NWSRS or UNR) Trophies 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th& Outstanding Performance Awards. 5 Round, G/35.  NWSRS RATED.

NOVICE SECTION:(UNR or U700 NWSRS & U9th Grade) Trophies 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Outstanding Performance and medals. ALL NOVICES RECEIVE AWARDS! 5 Round, G/25.May be divided into 2 sections by grade. NWSRS rated.

Entry Fees (Pre-registered): $25 for all sections.  $10 service charge for on-site registration. (If pre-registered, you can pay on site with no late fee.)Check-in and late registration 8:30AM. Elite and Advanced sections start 9:00AM.  Meeting for lower players 9AM, and Games start 9:30AM. Sets supplied. Registered latecomers: half point bye for Round #1. Up to 2 half point byes allowed, if requested before round #2 except Elite. Blitz tie-breaks for 1st Place only. Computer tie-breaks for other places. All players who tie for a trophy place receive an award. Money prizes divided evenly in case of ties. USCF rules apply, with some exceptions in non-USCF sections.

Contact: Jerry Ramey 541-232-0328;, or
SOUTHSIDE CHESS, PO Box 5293, Eugene, OR 97405
Contact: Jerry Ramey
Phone: 541-232-0328

More Info:

Portland Chess Club Game in 60 on Oct. 26

Are you a mature scholastic player looking for a serious challenge and longer time controls? Come play in the Game in 60 at the Portland Chess Club.

On-site registration runs from 9-9:45am. The rounds are scheduled for 10am, 12:30pm, 2:45pm, and 5pm. Players who have a game go around the full time can request extra time off before the next round. Entry fee is $20 and this is an OSCF State Championship Qualifier.

US Chess rated. US Chess membership is required and can be purchased during registration. US Chess membership rates/information/benefits

*While this tournament is open to scholastic players, it’s only recommended for mature scholastic players who are capable of playing in a serious tournament and against adults.*

Click here for more info and to register.

Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Tournament in Portland on Sunday, Oct. 27

Please join us for the second Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Chess Tournament! This event is open to individuals of all abilities and is a great first tournament for beginning chess players. This tournament NWSRS Rated and is a qualifier for the 2020 OSCF State Championship.


Registration Deadline is Friday, October 25, 2019 at 11:59pm or when tournament is full.

Get your Halloween gear on! Special prizes for best costumes!