Chad Lykins

2022 OSCF Team Championship Results

The Third Annual 2022 OSCF Team Championship brought together 130+ players from 27 different teams in seven different sections. This was the first USCF rated team championship in state history and a major milestone in Oregon’s chess community. With the recent growth of USCF rated scholastic events in Oregon, we have seen more students getting close to the 25 game threshold necessary to appear in national lists of Top 100 Players By Age. Many thanks to the volunteers who gave Oregon’s children the opportunity for this national recognition!

  • K12 School Team Champion: Westview (Jesuit 2nd, Oregon Episcopal 3rd)
  • K8 School Team Champion: Stoller and International School Beaverton (Tie 1st), (ACCESS K8 3rd)
  • K8 Reserve Team Champion: Winterhaven (Stoller B 2nd, Holy Trinity 3rd)
  • K5 School Team Champion: Jacob Wismer (ACCESS K5 2nd, HCCS A 3rd)
  • K5 Reserve Team Champion: Lent (Jacob Wismer B 2nd, HCCS C 3rd)
  • Mixed Open Champion: Rose City Chess A (Hayes 2nd, Patel 3rd)
  • Mixed Reserve Champion: Rose City Chess B (Remedios 2nd, Rosen’s Chess Academy A 3rd)

The top three teams in each section won a team prize as well as medals for each player. In addition to team awards, the following players won gold medals as the top boards for their sections.

K12 School

  • Board 1: Roshen Nair
  • Board 2: Conner Jensen
  • Board 3: Nathan Zhou
  • Board 4: Kyle Liu
  • Board 5: Meet Raval

K8 School

  • Board 1: Ishan Kodarapu
  • Board 2: Levi McClure
  • Board 3: Derek Tseng
  • Board 4: Neha Narendran
  • Board 5: Lazlo McLure

K8 Reserve:

  • Board 1: Sai Siddharth Nalamalpu
  • Board 2: Kudi Ozcanli
  • Board 3: Nate Bock
  • Board 4: Harrison Matheny
  • Board 5: Thanishka Sri Krishna Kale

K5 School:

  • Board 1: Neev Kodarapu
  • Board 2: Eesha Juneja
  • Board 3: Brayden Chong
  • Board 4: Matthew Alappat
  • Board 5: Ivor Williams

K5 Reserve

  • Board 1: Levi Hilton
  • Board 2: Manh Bui
  • Board 3: Esteban Hernandez Navarete
  • Board 4: Fernando Hernandez
  • Board 5: Derek Chen

Mixed Open

  • Board 1: Jaden Marx
  • Board 2: Aaron Hayes
  • Board 3: Arthur Yang
  • Board 4: Koyal Krummel
  • Board 5: Jasper Defrain

Mixed Reserve:

  • Board 1: Neil Natarajan
  • Board 2: Naren Deivanayagam and Eshan Aravind (Tie)
  • Board 3: Anshu Mukherjee
  • Board 4: Junlang Xu
  • Board 5: Jin Yamashita

Congratulations to all our champions! Wallcharts with full results are posted here. USCF rating reports can be seen here. Note in both cases that the order listed online may not include tie-break criteria.

OSCF K12 Team Championship Participant Instructions

We are excited to welcome you to the 2022 OSCF K12 Team Championship on Saturday May 21 at the Oregon Convention Center!

Time: Check-In is mandatory and opens at 7:45am. Players and teams who are not checked in and at their boards by 8:15am may forfeit Round 1.

Location: Meeting Rooms E, Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Here is your to-do list before the event:

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

Open Door Christian Academy Chess Open May 14

Registration is now open for the 2022 ODCA Chess Open


Date: Saturday, May 14

Place: Open Door Christian Academy (27710 SE Strebin Rd. Troutdale, Or.)

Who: All students grades K-12

Cost: $20

Registration Deadline: May 8

Time: 9:00-3:00

Check-in: 8:15-8:45 (Players arriving after 8:45 will receive a first round bye

Five Round USCF Rated Tournament
USCF Membership required. Free USCF membership ($20 value) provided for new or renewing members. If you do not already have a membership, you will be provided a membership.

We will have multiple divisions. Divisions will determined based on number of entries.

Prizes will be given to top three finishers in each division.

Please bring a clock if you have one. If you don’t have one, no problem.

SCHEDULE: Round 1 – 9:00, Round 2 – 10:10, Round 3 – 11:20, Round 4 – 12:30, Round 5 – 1:40, Awards – 2:50

Time Control – G/25; d5

Email Gabe Franklin with any questions –

Summer Camps by Rose City Chess

Rose City Chess presents a series of week-long training camps led by Oregon’s top players and coaches, including 3X Oregon Champion and USCF National Master Matt Zavortink, National Master Wilson Gibbins, and Rose City Chess Founder Chad Lykins, with support from Oregon Chess Project Summer Fellows. Each camp will be led by at least one Senior Coach and one Summer Fellow.

All camps will be 100% in-person at the Portland Chess Club. Students will be grouped according to playing strength. Students receive a free Chess Steps workbook suitable for their level.

Each day includes dedicated time for USCF rated games, instruction, tactical puzzles, positional studies, and analysis of games. We typically schedule a less strenuous (and more silly) activity to give us a break in the afternoon, like chess movies, chess variants (such as blitz, bughouse, blindfold, Chess960, and lucky chess). And maybe ice skating! Our beginner students usually need this break. Our older students can use this time to get extra rated games or more personalized feedback from one of the coaches.


Location: Portland Chess Club, Lloyd Center Mall, 2025 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232

Dates and Times: All camps run from 9am-4pm.

June 20-July 24, June 27-July1, July 25-July 30, August 1-August 5, August 8-August 12, August 15-August 19, August 22-August 26

Enrollment: Minimum 10 students; Maximum 24

Ages: 2nd-8th grade (students should have completed 1st grade prior to camp) (High School and College students are encouraged to apply for paid positions as Oregon Chess Project Summer Fellows.)

OSCF K12 Team Championship May 21, 2022

Oregon’s Only USCF Rated K-12 Match Event

Open to all Oregon K12 Students: No Qualifying Necessary

Registration and Full Details

Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022 

Location: Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Cost: $150.00 per team

Registration Deadline: May 18, 2022 at 11:59pm or when sold out.

Capacity: 175 players / 35 teams

We will crown state champions for the best teams in K-5, K-8, K-12, and Mixed. We will also have board awards for individuals and generous prizes for the best teams in various “reserve” categories, giving everyone a chance to compete for awards. Bring your entire club and sort them into teams of five to compete for all the honors! If you don’t have a team, register as an individual and we will find you some buddies to play for!

This year introduces longer time controls for Round 3-5. This should encourage high quality games during the most critical matches.

Chess4Girls All-Girls Monthly Swiss Tournament May 22 (online and FREE)


Location: Online via Zoom and


Sunday, May 22nd

Saturday, June 11th

Sunday, July 10th

Sunday, August 7th

The free, monthly, USCF/NWSRS rated Chess4Girls (online) Swiss tournaments are to help encourage and bring together more female players in Chess. I hope that these frequent events will create the much-needed space and recognition for fellow girls who love the sport.

Details:– Format: Swiss tournament with 4 Rounds, G/25 mins inc 5. 

Location: Online, via Zoom and (visit website for in-person details if applicable)

Cost: No registration fees!

Ratings: NWSRS, USCF, and Lichess Classical Rated. Free USCF memberships provided if necessary!

Equipment: Laptop with a working camera + microphone, Zoom, and a free account on

Sections: Depending on the number of girls who register, the sections will vary. Typically U800 and an Open section.

Awards: Powell’s gift cards/locally handmade Chessboard earrings for section winners!! 

Post-Tournament Game Analysis: After rounds finish, with NM Zoey Tang!

Registration:– To register for free, please visit the following page and fill out the
– Registration closes [DATE] (2 days prior to the event).

Website/More Info:
– For more information, visit the Chess4Girls PDX

Contact: Nesara Shree (TD)

Swisslandia by Rose City Chess May 28

Rose City Chess and Portland Chess Club invite you to a very special edition of Swisslandia on May 28, 2022. Swisslandia is a beginner-friendly series of chess tournaments for players of all ages, with special emphasis on making sure scholastic players have fun. Players are divided into sections based on strength. Each person plays four rounds, regardless of whether they win, lose, or draw their games. Winners receive generous prizes and typewritten award letters.

Register here by May 27.

USCF membership is required and can be purchased during checkout. If you need to purchase or renew your USCF membership, you can add one to your cart by clicking here.

What makes this Swisslandia special? Dave Murray is throwing an ICE CREAM PARTY after Round 3! Dave just joined Rose City Chess as a Coach and Tournament Director. Online participants will have to BYOIC (Bring Your Own Ice Cream), but we encourage you to join in the fun and say hello to Dave.

Registration: 100% preregistered by 5:00pm the day before the event. No on-site registration.

Entry: $20

Ratings: USCF rated (USCF memberships required for all participants. Click here to add to cart).

Equipment: Chess sets, clocks, notation sheets, and pencils all provided.

Format: Players are grouped in sections according to playing strength. Tournament Director may make slight adjustments to separate siblings, etc. Each person plays four rounds of G/25 +5 (each player gets 25 minutes of thinking time, plus a 5 second bonus after every move).


  • 1st = Best Chess Set Ever and Typewritten Award Letter ($39.95 value)
  • 2nd = Rose City Chess T-Shirt ($19.95 value)
  • 3rd = Rose City Chess Mug or Water Bottle ($9.95 value)
  • Plus Score = Notation Book ($2.95 value)

Oregon Chess Project Summer Fellowships for High School and College Students

Rose City Chess has endowed a series of Summer Fellowships to reward high-school and college students who make a positive contribution to Oregon chess through their effort as chess coaches and tournament directors.

Award Amount: $1000 per one-week fellowship

Eligibility: High-school and college students with an established rating of USCF 1200+ (or equivalent). Summer Fellows who can commit to working more than one week are eligible to receive multiple fellowships.

Awards Made: 1 to 5 annually

Description: Summer Fellows are expected to work for a full week at a Rose City Chess Summer Camp. Summer Fellows are mentored by an experienced coach and organizer. In 2022, the mentors include USCF Tournament Director Chad Lykins, USCF Life Master Matt Zavortink, and USCF National Master Wilson Gibbins.

Major emphasis will be spent on developing skills needed to be an effective teacher and organizer, including communication, classroom management, and the technical aspects of directing a USCF tournament. By the end of the fellowship, Summer Fellows will be USCF Club Tournament Directors with at least one event to their credit.

Application and Further Details:

Rose City Chess Tournament May 9

Rose City Chess presents a summer series of monthly, beginner-friendly chess tournaments sponsored by Nordic Northwest. Open to players of all ages. Participants are placed in groups of four according to playing strength. Each person plays three rounds of chess, regardless of whether they win, lose, or draw their games. Winner of each group gets $20 cash or gift-card and a typewritten award letter!

USCF membership is required and can be purchased at a discount during checkout. 

Registration: Click here to register. 100% preregistered by 12:00pm the day of the event. No on-site registration.

Dates: May 9, June 13, July 11

Entry: $20 (Open to all. Nordic Northwest Members get $5 discount.)

Location: Nordic Northwest, 8800 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR 97223

Ratings: USCF rated (USCF memberships required for all participants.

Equipment: Chess sets, clocks, notation sheets, and pencils all provided.

Format: Players are grouped in quads according to playing strength. Tournament Director may make slight adjustments to separate siblings, etc. Each person plays three rounds of G/25 +5 (each player gets 25 minutes of thinking time, plus a 5 second bonus after every move).

Awards: 1st place in each Quad receives $20 cash or gift-card and a typewritten award letter


  • 6:00pm: Check In
  • 6:15pm: Round 1
  • 7:15pm or ASAP: Round 2
  • 8:15pm or ASAP: Round 3
  • 9:15pm Event Complete

Email with questions.

Swisslandia by Rose City Chess March 27 (In Person and Online)

Swisslandia is a series of USCF and NWSRS rated four-round swiss paired tournaments. Winners receive Powell’s Gift Cards and typewritten congratulations.


March 27, 2022

Location: In-Person participants play at Maplewood Coffee and Tea (5206 SW Custer Street, Portland OR 97219). Online participants play on Lichess and Zoom

Registration: 100% preregistered by 12:00pm the day of the event. Note the earlier deadline! Register here.

Ratings: USCF, NWSRS, and Lichess Classical. USCF membership is required and can be purchased/renewed during registration for $10/year (this is a discounted rate courtesy of Rose City Chess).

Equipment: Clocks and sets provided for in-person players. Online players must use a computer or Chromebook with a functioning camera and microphone. Tablets and phones often have problems joining teams and tournaments. Chrome is the best browser. Firefox, Safari, and Edge are known to glitch.

Format: Section assignments and Zoom link sent at 1:00pm day of tournament. Players join their section at Sections may be split by USCF/NWSRS rating. Everyone plays four rounds of G/25+5. Each rounds starts 10 minutes after previous round. Pairings by Lichess Swiss Pairing Software. For most accurate seeding, participants should establish their Lichess Classical Rating by playing several games prior to the tournament. Lichess Tiebreaks used in event of tie.

Fair Play
: Video monitoring and cheat detection provided. Participants must agree to the OSCF Fair Play Agreement. Standings and awards not official until the completion of post-tournament fair play review.

Awards: 1st – 3rd place in each section receive Powell’s Gift Cards and a typewritten letter of congratulations. Portion of every entry donated to non-profits.

Schedule and More Info: In Person Round 1 at 3:30pm. Online Round 1 at 4:00pm. More at