Dan Dalthorp

Top Oregon Scholastic Players

The Top 25 list at the end of this school year is impressive. Topping the list at 2248 is Aaron Grabinsky, who just finished his sophomore year in Coquille. Rounding out the top 25 list is Ethan Wu at 1624. The strength of the top 25 players has been increasing markedly every year. Both the top rating and the #25 rating are 200-300 points higher than #1 and #25 would have been on a similar list in 2006. Congratulations to the players (and also the parents, coaches, and organizers).

Almost all the players on the list are high school students, but only three are graduating seniors (Andy Trattner, Matt Dalthorp, and Patrick Butenhoff), so the top 25 will continue to get stronger and stronger for at least several more years.

The highest-rated middle school player is Seth Talyansky, who just won the Summer Open in Portland after beating the strongest player in the state, Nick Raptis. Seth is 5th on the list at 1995. Two players who just finished elementary school (Joshua Grabinsky and Owen McCoy) are already above 1600 and promise to be scary strong by the time they finish high school.

The Portland metropolitan area is home to over half the state’s population and has an enormous advantage over the rest of the state in hosting strong chess tournaments. And yet…only three of the top 10 players hale from Portland, while four are from relatively tiny Corvallis.  (On the other hand, only 4 of the #11-25 players are NOT from the Portland metro area).

OHSCTA High School Team Championships

Yogi Saputra holds the first place trophy, while Matt Dalthorp, Thomas Kneeland, David Wen, and Ian Dickson are all smiles.

The annual Oregon high school team championships is one of the largest and most energetic and fun chess tournaments in Oregon. This year, the 51st rendition was held in the pleasant town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, south of Roseburg and attracted 39 five-player teams representing schools from across the state.

The event had drama in spades (or perhaps in knights), capped by a decisive final game, in a decisive final match, under significant time pressure, that led to the overall championship for Crescent Valley High School.  But it wasn’t easy getting there. Read more about the entire event after the break.

Happy Valley Quads This Sunday

Silver Knight Chess Club Quads

Sunday, November 24, 2013 | 2:00pm – 5:30pm

Format: Players will be divided in 4 player sections (quads) by NWSRS rating.

Schedule: Check-In: 14:00-14:15; play will start at 14:30. Each quad will operate on its own schedule; games will be started as soon as possible. Quads involving younger players are expected to finish well in advance of those involving older, more experienced players. Awards for each section will be made as soon as that section is completed.

Notation: Players are encouraged to notate;

Time Control: G25/5 for time delay clocks; G/30 for analog and non-delay digital clocks. Please bring your clock, if you have one.

Prizes: First place trophy, second place medal, third place medal, 4th place – small chess gift for each section.

Tiebreakers: Ties will be broken in this order: direct encounter, lower starting rating, highest number of games played with black pieces, younger age, coin flip..

Entry fee: $17.00

Eligibility: All scholastic players, K-12. The tournament is limited to the first 12 players (3 quads) who preregister.

Registration: Pre-registration ONLY. See details at Silver Knights Chess Club website http://silverknightschessclub.blogspot.com/

Contact: Andrei Botez
Email: silver.knights.chess.club@gmail.com
Phone: (503) 995-2888

Location Details
Petite Patisserie
16144 SE Happy Valley T.C. Drive, H 208
Happy Valley, Oregon  97086 US

Oregon Junior Closed Championship

It’s official. Aaron Grabinsky has won the 2013 Oregon Junior Closed Championship (OCF) held at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis on November 16-17. It was the strongest field on record and was the first time that there were no players from the Portland or Salem metropolitan areas. Coquille’s Aaron Grabinsky won with a final score of 4/5 and pushed his rating up to 2166. When Aaron crosses the 2200 mark (later this year?), he’ll become the only current Oregon junior with the National Master title and only the third Oregon scholastic player to do so in over a decade. With two and a half years of high school left, the sky’s the limit for Aaron.

# Name Town Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Aaron Grabinsky Coquille W5 W2 W4 D3 D6 4
2 Erik Skalnes Eugene W6 L1 W5 W4 D3 3.5
3 Yogi Saputra Corvallis D4 D5 D6 D1 D2 2.5
4 Max Sun Corvallis D3 W6 L1 L2 W5 2.5
5 Matt Dalthorp Corvallis L1 D3 L2 W6 L4 1.5
6 David Wen Corvallis L2 L4 D3 L5 D1 1

Congratulations to all the competitors for their accomplishments — not only qualifying for this great event but also for playing with such creativity and energy and for maintaining good cheer and sportsmanship, win-lose-or-draw.

Oregon Jr. Closed Championship

The Oregon Junior Closed* will be held in Corvallis on the weekend of Nov 16-17. The top active Jrs** will square off in a round-robin tournament to determine the 2013 Oregon Junior Champion. The winner gets his name engraved on a “perpetual trophy” of junior champions and receives an invitation to the Oregon Championship in February (if his/her rating is at least 1900 by December 1).

With an average USCF rating of 1975, this year’s lineup appears to be the strongest ever:
1. Aaron Grabinsky 2130, Coquille (10th grade)
2. Yogi Saputra 2069, Corvallis (11th grade)
3. Max Sun 2000, Corvallis (8th grade)
4. Erik Skalnes 1894, Eugene (11th grade)
5. David Wen 1886, Corvallis (11th grade)
6. Matt Dalthorp 1872, Corvallis (12th grade)

* Sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation (OCF).
** To be eligible for selection, players must be Oregon residents under the age of 19, must not have participated in another state’s championship tournament, and must have played at least 15 USCF rated games in the previous 12 months. Invitations were issued to eligible players in USCF rating order based on average of October published rating and the maximum post-tournament rating during the year.

Oregon Top 25 Scholastic List Updated

The latest and greatest Top 25 list is updated through events rated through 9/3/2013, including Oregon Open. Several players have picked up hundreds of ratings points over the past few months, leaping from “not on the list” to “pretty high up on the list” virtually over night. Staying active during the summer pays off!

Syttende Mai Results

Syttende Mai is the Norwegian version of 4th of July or Cinco de Mayo, and, with one of the strongest tournaments in history wrapping up in Stavanger, Norway and with one of the strongest players in history being Norwegian, what better excuse could there be for Oregon’s top scholastic players to meet?
Most of the very top high school players in the state converged on Zion Lutheran Church in Corvallis to play the Syttende Mai Invitational last Saturday (May 18). Going by the most recent All-Stars list, it was the top two juniors, top three sophomores, and top two freshmen who played (with a couple of chess dads filling in as needed).

They played three rounds of G/90 + d5. After the battles were finished and the dust had settled, Matt Dalthorp (#1 Junior), Aaron Grabinsky (#1 Freshman), and Yogi Saputra (#1 Sophomore) were knotted in a three-way tie for first with 2/3. A half point back were Andy Trattner and Erik Skalnes (1.5), followed by Clemen Deng and David Wen (both at 1.0).

In the sub-battle of Corvallis vs. the rest, Corvallis came out on top with 5/9 in a close match. Stay tuned for a more detailed summary (with games and annotations) in next month’s issue of Northwest Chess.

# Name Rtng Grd Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd3 Total
1 Matt Dalthorp 1794 11 W2 D5 D4 2
1 Aaron Grabinsky 1980 9 L1 W7 W5 2
1 Yogi Saputra 2014 10 W4 W6 -U- 2
4 Andy Trattner 1734 11 L3 W8 D1 1.5
4 Erik Skalnes 1904 10 W7 D1 L2 1.5
6 Clemen Deng 1733 9 W9 L3 L7 1
6 David Wen 1903 10 L5 L2 W6 1
8 Sugiamto Saputra unr. NA -U- L4 -U- 0
8 Dan Dalthorp 1665 NA L6 -U- -U- 0

Syttende Mai Invitational

The Syttende Mai Invitational chess tournament for top Oregon juniors will be held on May 18. Players will celebrate Syttende Mai with loads of fun, great chess, and lefse. Participation is by invitation only. If you are rated above 1700 and are interested, please contact Dan Dalthorp at onco111@yahoo.com.

Seaside Photos

A few hundred photos from the tournament are posted at Picasa. To view, click the “Photos” link on the left sidebar or go here.

Registering For Seaside

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