All-Stars: Thank-You!

A huge thank-you to the small army of volunteers who made the 2011 Oregon All-Stars Invitational chess celebration and tournament such a success:

Lisa Still: patient, thorough, careful and cheerful registrar; forms, certificates, board numbers

Raven Winter: invitations, T-shirts, awards ceremony, chief TD for Bright Stars

Jeff Risher: facilities coordinator

Design and production of program and signs: Ellissa Parnon

TDs: Katrina Halverson, Bing Sun, Jeff Dobbins, Nick Beleiciks, Elizabeth Sheiman, Raven Winter, Luke Robson, Rustam Kocher

Safety and Decorum Team: Steve Cousineau, with help from Chris Allen, Forest Tomlinson, Galina Golant, and John Hutchinson

Check-in: Leanne Schuetze (coordinator), Siew Yau, Roza Kotlyar

T-shirt distribution: Andrea Burnett

Prize distribution: Siew Yau, April Lutz and her sister, Herma Ornes, Evgeny Semenov, Max Booth, Tia Politi

Setup: Jeff Dobbins, Matt Dalthorp, Steven Witt, Noah Schuetze, Craig Still, and others

Cleanup: Tia Politi, Jacob Moch, Luke Robson, Matt Dalthorp, Craig Still, Lisa Still, Raven Winter, Max Booth, Elizabeth Sheiman, Herma Ornes, and many others.

Parents and Coaches: What a great group of kids! Thank-you parents and coaches for all your support. Special high-fives to Nancy Keller for getting on the road with 17 kids from Coquille at 4:30 in the morning, breaking down on the way, and still managing to make it on time (barely). Also, thank-you to coaches who came to support their students: Ed Addis, Jerry Ramey, Luke Robson, Mike Terrill, and Pete Prochaska.

A special thank-you to Juliene Popinga and the rest of the capitol staff who were enormously helpful both in the days and weeks leading up to the event, in setting up the rooms according to our specifications, in patient tolerance of hordes of kids, and in putting everything back in order after our chaotic exit.

Others: There are many unnamed parents and supporters who helped with various tasks in the weeks and days before the event and throughout the day. Thank-you, thank-you!