All-Stars – Thank you!

DSC_5717We had a great day in Salem yesterday, with 110 All-Stars (and 8 siblings in the Golden Pioneers section) competing in 13 sections.  Thanks so much to all of you who volunteered to help during the day!

After photos on the capitol steps, players headed into four legislative hearing rooms to engage in silent debate over the chess board.  Check out photos from the link at left, or here; ratings reports will be posted to USCF this weekend, and to the NWSRS later this week on its regular cycle.  Congratulations to all our participants, and particularly to our section winners, who include:

Super Stars A: Aaron Grabinsky and Yogi Saputra (2.5/3)
Super Stars B: Joshua Grabinsky (2.5/3)
Super Stars C: Owen McCoy and Andrea Botez (2/3)
Super Stars D: Ethan Allison (2.5/3)DSC_5888
Super Stars E: Neal Aditya and Jack Woo McClain (2.5)
Super Stars F: Rory Soiffer (3/3)
Bright Stars G: Rahul Majmudar and Ben Kurtz (3.5/4)
Bright Stars H: Kyle Liu (3.5/4)
Bright Stars J: Andrei Kleshchev, Lauren Mei Calora, and Carson Woods (3/4)
Rising Stars K: Ian Vo (5/5)
Rising Stars L: Ben Tan (5/5)
Rising Stars M: James Daggett, Riya Majmudar, and Olivia Cooper (4/5)
Rising Stars N: Deva Wheeler and Alexander Cherevatenko (4/5)
Golden Pioneers (side section): Kira Dobbins (3.5/4)