All-Stars Results

The results from All-Stars have been reported to the USCF, and are available online here.  The results have also been reported to the NWSRS and are available here. Thanks to the quick work of our head TD, Roza Kotlyar, for getting those results in so quickly!  To our section winners, congratulations, and checks are going out in the mail early in the week of October 22.

Our photos will be available online soon.  If anyone has photos of their own that they would like to share, please let us know at  We particularly need photos of the events and kids in hearing room E (Rising stars J & K) and Room 350 (Super Stars)!  Thanks again to all who attended and assisted.  We hope everyone had a good time (win or lose).

The section winners were:

Section A: Maxwell Sun & Aaron Grabinsky
Section B: Clemen Deng
Section C:  Cameron Kocher
Section D: Jonathan Yau
Section E: Philip Weiss
Section F: Cody Webb
Section G: Leonardo Sun & Craig Still
Section H: Keshav Siddhartha
Section I: James Maslen & Stephen Nguyen
Section J: Victor Dossin
Section K:  Kavish Siddhartha