All-Stars: Express Report

Participants in the 2011 Oregon All-Stars Invitational

The Fourth Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational chess tournament was held at the state capitol building in Salem on October 14, 2011. The event has grown every year since the inaugural version in 2008, nearly doubling from 61 players the first year to 117 this year.

Full results are posted and games rated at
Section winners include:
Super Stars A: Austin Nguyen 3/3
Super Stars B: Takuma Sato-Duncan 2.5/3
Super Stars C: Seth Talyansky, Pranav Sharan 2.5/3
Bright Stars D: Rory Soiffer 4.5/5
Bright Stars E: Rahul Majmudar 4.5/5
Bright Stars F: Venkat Doddapaneni 5/5
Rising Stars G: Keshav Siddhartha 5/5
Rising Stars H: Simon Chow 4.5/5
Rising Stars I: Fedor Semenov, Jimmy Wang, Sean Uan-Zo-Li 4/5
Rising Stars J: Aiden Gardner O’Kearny 5/5