All Stars Awards & Ties

At All-Stars, we did not break ties to determine cash prizes.  So if you had the same score as another person or persons in your section, we added up the prize money for all the “places” at issue (i.e., the top two place prizes, if there was a 2-way tie for first) and divided it equally among all of the players with the same score.  (See this page for prize details on all section sizes.)

For instance, prizes went to the top five places in sections of 12 or more players:

1st= $45          2nd= $40         3rd=$30          4th=$20           5th= $15.

If the scores of the top six players in the section were 4.0, 4.0., 3.5, 3.0, 3.0, and 3.0 (with the others receiving less than 3 points), the prizes would be distributed as follows:

4.0: Each of the two players tied for first place receives ½ of the first two prizes: ½ of $45+$40 = $42.50

3.5: 3rd place; receives $30

3.0: Each of the three players scoring 3.0 points tied for 4th (& 5th) place, and shares the 4th and 5th place prizes with two others, so they receive:

1/3 of $20+$15 = 1/3 of $35 = $11.67