About OSCF State Championship

The OSCF State Championship is the premier scholastic chess tournament in the state — a two-day extravaganza in the beautiful resort town of Seaside, Oregon during April 13-14, 2018. Before the main event on Saturday, the 350 or so participants get a chance to unwind with the chaotic but fun blitz and bughouse tournaments late Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning players are divided into sixteen different playing sections defined by age and skill level to compete for large, heavy trophy cups filled with delicious, fresh salt-water taffy made right in Seaside. [NOTE: The most advanced players in high school and middle school get long time-controls and begin play late Friday morning. All others play all their games on Saturday.]

Qualifying for State

Eligible players:

  1. are Oregonians in grades K-12
  2. have played in at least two OSCF Championship
    Qualifier tournaments in the previous year, and
  3. have an established NWSRS or USCF rating.

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