A new organization elevating chess in Oregon

Three familiar scholastic players in Oregon, Zoey Tang, Austin Tang, and Ishaan Kodarapu have come together this summer to form a brand new not-for-profit organization called Puddletown Chess. These three players have been active in the Oregon chess community for a very long time and launching this not-for-profit is their way of giving back!

Their mission is to build a fun & collaborative community for chess players of all ages in Oregon and beyond. As a result they want to magnify the values of patience, self-esteem, and intelligence.

Some of their goals for this organization are:

  • Promote friendly competition and team collaboration through chess
  • Inspire all generations through active chess participation
  • Teach the kids how to face failure, build self-confidence and enhance decision making skills
  • Make chess accessible to everyone (young kids, women, elderly, low-income)

The trio have a lot of plans for the future including rated tournaments, mentoring sessions, game reviews and more.

They are excited for their very first event in the form of a FREE Q&A online webinar.

Austin, Zoey, Ishaan
Zoey, Ishaan & Austin – the founding team of Puddletown Chess

During this online seminar, the founding team will be addressing some of the interesting questions that already came in from the participants including:

  • What motivates you to dive into chess playing from a beginner/intermediate player?
  • How often do you practice chess every day?
  • How do you plan your chess study time?
  • What to do when my rating does not go up?

The event is free online, next Sunday August 07th at 06:00pm PT
Register for the event at https://bit.ly/ptc-first-event