2023 Winter Carnival Chess Tournament

2023 Winter Carnival Chess Tournament 


When: Saturday, February 11th, 2023   
Where: South Eugene High School Cafeteria 


(Park behind building, use cafeteria entrance.) 

TO REGISTER, SIMPLY EMAIL name, school, grade, address, phone, and indicate which section you wish to play. You can pay at the door (no late fee).   

jerry.ramey@outlook.com OR, text Jerry Ramey at 541-232-0328.  You can also register on-line at http://www.southsidechess.com/tournaments.html.

All games USCF rated in those sections. 
ELITE EIGHT SECTION: CASH PRIZES $!$!$ Top 4 rated (USCF) Advanced Players join Ian Vo, Neil Natarajan, Liam Priest and Yufei Su, winners from the Wizards Chess Tournament.  1st Place: $125 plus Trophy; 2nd: $75; 3rd: $50. Winner earns free entry in the upcoming 2023 WIZARDS TOURNAMENT next October.   

4 Round, G/60;d5. 
ADVANCED SECTION: (open to all) Trophies 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Outstanding-Performance.  4 Round, G/60;d5. Advanced winner also wins free entry in the  Elite 8 in THE 2023 WIZARDS TOURNAMENT next October.  USCF Rated! 

INTERMEDIATE SECTION: (U-750 USCF, U-1000 NWSRS/or UNR) Trophies 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & Outstanding-Performance Awards. 5 Round, G/35.   USCF Rated!  
NOVICE SECTION: (UNR or U-700 NWSRS & K-8) Trophies 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Outstanding-Performance Awards, medals. ALL NOVICES RECEIVE AWARDS!  

5 Round, G/25. May be divided into 2 sections by grade.  Players who won trophies at the WIZARDS CHESS TOURNAMENT must play Intermediate Section. 

Entry Fees (Pre-registered): $25 for all sections.  $10 service charge for on-site registration. (If pre-registered, you can pay on site with no late fee.) Check-in and late registration 8:30AM. Elite and Advanced sections start 9:00AM.  Meeting for lower players 9AM, and Games start 9:30AM. Sets supplied. Registered latecomers: half point bye for Round #1. Up to 2 half point byes allowed, if requested before round #2 except Elite section. Blitz tie-breaks for 1st Place only. Computer tie-breaks for other places. All players who tie for a trophy place receive an award. Money prizes divided evenly in case of ties.  
Contact: Jerry Ramey 541-232-0328; j-adoube@efn.org, or jerry.ramey@outlook.com  
SOUTHSIDE CHESS, PO Box 5293, Eugene, OR 97405