2022 OSCF Team Championship Results

The Third Annual 2022 OSCF Team Championship brought together 130+ players from 27 different teams in seven different sections. This was the first USCF rated team championship in state history and a major milestone in Oregon’s chess community. With the recent growth of USCF rated scholastic events in Oregon, we have seen more students getting close to the 25 game threshold necessary to appear in national lists of Top 100 Players By Age. Many thanks to the volunteers who gave Oregon’s children the opportunity for this national recognition!

  • K12 School Team Champion: Westview (Jesuit 2nd, Oregon Episcopal 3rd)
  • K8 School Team Champion: Stoller and International School Beaverton (Tie 1st), (ACCESS K8 3rd)
  • K8 Reserve Team Champion: Winterhaven (Stoller B 2nd, Holy Trinity 3rd)
  • K5 School Team Champion: Jacob Wismer (ACCESS K5 2nd, HCCS A 3rd)
  • K5 Reserve Team Champion: Lent (Jacob Wismer B 2nd, HCCS C 3rd)
  • Mixed Open Champion: Rose City Chess A (Hayes 2nd, Patel 3rd)
  • Mixed Reserve Champion: Rose City Chess B (Remedios 2nd, Rosen’s Chess Academy A 3rd)

The top three teams in each section won a team prize as well as medals for each player. In addition to team awards, the following players won gold medals as the top boards for their sections.

K12 School

  • Board 1: Roshen Nair
  • Board 2: Conner Jensen
  • Board 3: Nathan Zhou
  • Board 4: Kyle Liu
  • Board 5: Meet Raval

K8 School

  • Board 1: Ishan Kodarapu
  • Board 2: Levi McClure
  • Board 3: Derek Tseng
  • Board 4: Neha Narendran
  • Board 5: Lazlo McLure

K8 Reserve:

  • Board 1: Sai Siddharth Nalamalpu
  • Board 2: Kudi Ozcanli
  • Board 3: Nate Bock
  • Board 4: Harrison Matheny
  • Board 5: Thanishka Sri Krishna Kale

K5 School:

  • Board 1: Neev Kodarapu
  • Board 2: Eesha Juneja
  • Board 3: Brayden Chong
  • Board 4: Matthew Alappat
  • Board 5: Ivor Williams

K5 Reserve

  • Board 1: Levi Hilton
  • Board 2: Manh Bui
  • Board 3: Esteban Hernandez Navarete
  • Board 4: Fernando Hernandez
  • Board 5: Derek Chen

Mixed Open

  • Board 1: Jaden Marx
  • Board 2: Aaron Hayes
  • Board 3: Arthur Yang
  • Board 4: Koyal Krummel
  • Board 5: Jasper Defrain

Mixed Reserve:

  • Board 1: Neil Natarajan
  • Board 2: Naren Deivanayagam and Eshan Aravind (Tie)
  • Board 3: Anshu Mukherjee
  • Board 4: Junlang Xu
  • Board 5: Jin Yamashita

Congratulations to all our champions! Wallcharts with full results are posted here. USCF rating reports can be seen here. Note in both cases that the order listed online may not include tie-break criteria.