2022 OSCF State FAQ

Hello All,

We hope you’re excited about the 16th annual OSCF State Championship, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all in Seaside later this week. Here are some frequently-asked questions.

1. When and where do I check in?
All check-ins are at the Seaside Convention Center front desk. If you’re not playing blitz or bughouse (see #3 below), check-in for almost EVERYONE is no later than 9 am on Saturday, April 2nd. The only exception is if your child is in the Middle School or High School Open/Elite sections (ratings 1300+ for middle schoolers, 1400+ for high schoolers, or those who elected in). Check in for the Middle School and High School Open/Elite sections no later than 10:30 am on Friday, April 1st.  If there’s a serious delay, you may call or text us at 503-313-0860.

2. What section am I in? What’s the time control?
A preliminary list of section assignments can be found here.  Note that these may change as final details are checked and people start arriving.  For specific questions about the format, timing, or the process on the day of competition, including estimates about award times, you can find all your answers in the details or rules. Sectioning depends on how many finally register and show up, so do check your child’s nametag on Saturday morning, when we should have the final decisions made.  If your player is not where you expected to be, you’re likely in the next section up or down.  Note that for the vast majority of players, there’s not much difference in rating between the high rating and the low rating in the section.  Everyone has a chance!

3. What’s Blitz/Bughouse?  When and how to check in for those?
In essence, blitz is regular chess but played with only 5 minutes per side.  Bughouse is 2 vs 2 team chess, and both are a lot of fun!  Here are the rules of Blitz, and here are the rules of Bughouse. If you didn’t get tickets for these events when you register, you can buy them on-site on Friday.  For more details on the check-in process for Blitz, click here.  For more on check-in for Bughouse, click here.  If you don’t have a bughouse partner, no problem; we’ll help match you with one. Check in no later than 4 pm on Friday for blitz, 5:30 pm for bughouse. Competition will begin shortly after 5 pm for blitz, and at 7 pm for bughouse.

4. What is “crazy hats”?
We invite all bughouse participants to wear their craziest chess- and bug-themed hats. Hats can be crazy, wacky, funny, and loud. Everyone votes on the craziest hats, and there are prizes for the winners.

5. Will there be food available at the Convention Center?
The Convention Center will have food service all day Friday and Saturday. There’s a new set up – order in the main hallway across from the skittles room. We do have time scheduled in for lunch, but that is also a time that we’ll use to catch up, so (like at every tournament) take advantage of the breaks you have. We apologize, but the Convention Center policies prohibit outside food at all times. If you purchase food from a nearby restaurant, please eat it outside.

6. Do you need volunteers?
Yes! To volunteer (and if you didn’t already let us know at the time you registered) please let us know at registration or e-mail oscf@oscf.org.

7. I reserved a table. When are they available?
If you reserved tables, you will find your name placed on a table as you come in on Saturday. We’ll be using them on Friday night for Blitz and Bughouse.

9. What is the “Friends and Family” section?
For those adults and kids who aren’t playing in the main event, you can still participate in several fun rounds of chess on Saturday by playing in the Friends and Family tournament.  You can buy a ticket at the time you register your regular player, or on Saturday morning before 10:15.  Adults and kids will play in separate groups for cash prizes.  Games are played at the same time as the least experienced sections (a total of four rounds, played at the same time as the 2nd through 5th rounds in the Green room), so you should be done around 4:00 pm.