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Championship Pins & History

Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the OSCF State Championships over the years; our 12th annual tournament will be on May 5-6, 2017!  Some history as we approach our 12th year:  Our largest OSCF Championship ever involved 372 players in 2014, though our largest blitz and bughouse tournaments (158 and 230 players respectively) were in 2016; last year also saw our largest number of qualified players ever, at 543.

In the material listed after the break (click on “read more”), each year’s statistics are accompanied by a photograph of the Commemorative Pin for each year that the OSCF State Championship has been active.  From 2011-2015, we were fortunate to have our pins designed by Mark Dalthorp (with the assistance of his dad, former OSCF President Dan Dalthorp).  Thanks to them and all our designers for their fine work!  What will our pin be this year?  You’d better qualify and register for the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship to find out!  More pins after the break…

OSCF State Registration is LIVE!

Registration for the 12th Annual OSCF State Tournament, to be held on May 5-6 in Seaside, is LIVE. The event will feature the same fantastic blitz and bughouse competition that you’ve come to expect on Friday evening, the HUGE trophies full of taffy, and plenty of excellent chess competition among players from throughout the state.

Check here to see if you’ve already qualified, and once you are, please register ASAP to help our many volunteers get ready for your arrival.




Players Qualified for State as of March 21

The 12th Annual OSCF State Championship, which will take place in Seaside, OR, on May 5-6, 2017.  Don’t miss out!  There are still 6 weeks left to qualify if you haven’t already.  Want to know if you’re qualified?  Check the list of qualified players here.  If you don’t see yourself on that list, check the list of players who still need one qualifying event, or the list of players who still need an established rating.  Please read the introductory paragraphs and links regarding qualification carefully; they will answer many questions!!