2017 Oregon Junior Closed Invitational will take place in November

The Oregon Chess Federation, Oregon’s primary U.S. Chess Federation affiliate, hosts the Oregon Junior Closed Championship each year.  The top six junior players in the state are invited to participate in a 5-round round robin event at the end of the year, with the winning player invited to the Oregon Closed Championship in early 2017 (as long as they meet certain rating requirements).  For more information, see the OCF bylaws here.

Historically, the six invitations to the Junior Closed are extended to (1) chess players under the age of 19 as of the date of the tournament, (2) who have played at least 15 USCF rated games over the last year (so 10/01/2016 to 10/01/2017), and (3) are based on the highest post-tournament rating during that period, averaged with the player’s October 2017 rating (as published in the USCF October).

This year the tournament will be triple rated: NW Scholastic – US Chess and FIDE.

The following players qualified and also accepted the invitation:

……..Name                         USCF    FIDE

  1. Grabinsky Joshua       2124     1899
  2. McCoy Owen              2154     2060
  3. Wu Ethan                   1977      N/A
  4. Zhang Gavin              1939     1848
  5. Botez Andrea             1899     1747
  6. Moore Michael           1847     1815

Andrei Botez

Oregon Chess Federation Scholastic Coordinator