2017 Lifetime Achievement List

The Top 25 most active NWSRS-rated Oregon scholastic players as of August 31, 2017, are listed below. These players are eligible to participate at the 10th Annual OSCF All-Stars Chess Tournament, which will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017, in Salem at the State Capitol.

Name Location Lifetime Rated Games
Allyn, Geordyn  Salem 472
Perkins, Josiah  Coquille 463
Booth, Liam  Estacada 457
Botez, Andrea  Happy Valley 405
Henderson, Jordan  Coquille 387
Schuff, Michael  Portland 382
Uan-Zo-Li, Sean  Portland 377
Sharan, Praveer  Lake Oswego 371
Roshu, David  Happy Valley 367
Grabinsky, Joshua  Coquille 366
Roshu, Cassandra  Happy Valley 360
Schuff, Thomas  Portland 350
Mcclain, Jack Woo  Eugene 334
Maslen, Arlo  Portland 317
Sheiman, Andrew  Portland 313
Ornes, John  Corvallis 307
Gage-Tomlinson, Torrey  Pleasant Hill 293
Dobbins, Kira  Portland 290
Still, Chrystal  Portland 286
Ornes, Neal  Corvallis 277
Talyansky, Seth  Portland 277
Nair, Roshen  Portland 276
Maslen, James  Portland 275
Zhang, Gavin  Portland 272
Liu, Colin  Portland 266
Chang, Calvin  Portland 263
Xu, Marshal 256