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Side Events: Blitz, Bughouse and Friends & Family at State

Bug trophiesIt’s fast and furious fun on Friday: Blitz and Bughouse at State!  We’ll have the large Pacific room set for plenty of buzz-iness, including the pre-Bughouse team names and crazy hats contest.  If you didn’t prepay (check here for blitz and here for bughouse), you can purchase tickets on site for $15 per event.

More details about checking in for Blitz (no later than 4pm, but sooner is better) can be found here.

More details about checking in for Bughouse (no later than 6pm, but sooner is better) can be found here.

For those of you feeling left out — whether adult or student — you can sign up for the casual Friends and Family section through the beginning of the first round of play on Saturday morning.  ($15 registration, 4 rounds)  There are plenty of fun prizes for both adult and kid players!

See you in Seaside!

Frequently-Asked Questions for Seaside 2016

Hello All,

We hope you’re as excited about Seaside 2016 as we are. This is the 11th annual OSCF State Championship, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all in Seaside on April 29-30th! If you haven’t registered, you can complete late registration through Wednesday the 27th by clicking here. Here are some frequently-asked questions.

1. When and where do I check in?
All check-ins are at the Seaside Convention Center front desk. If you’re not playing blitz or bughouse (see #3 below), check-in for almost EVERYONE is no later than 9 am on Saturday, April 30th. The only exception is if your child is in the Middle School or High School Open/Elite sections (ratings 1300+ for middle schoolers, 1400+ for high schoolers, or those who elected in). Check in for the Middle School and High School Open/Elite sections no later than 10:20 am on Friday, April 29th.  If there’s a serious delay, you may call or text us at 503-936-0593.

2. What section am I in? What’s the time control?
A preliminary list of sections can be found here.  Note that these may change as final details are checked and people start arriving.  For specific questions about the format, timing, or the process on the day of competition, including estimates about award times, you can find all your answers in the details or rules. Sectioning depends on how many finally register, so we will post a final list with your child’s anticipated section assignment here next week.

3. What’s Blitz/Bughouse?  When and how to check in for those?
In essence, blitz is regular chess but played with only 5 minutes per side.  Bughouse is 2 vs 2 team chess, and both are a lot of fun!  Here are the rules of Blitz, and here are the rules of Bughouse. If you didn’t get tickets for these events when you register, you can buy them on-site.  For more details on the check-in process for Blitz, click here.  For more on check-in for Bughouse, click here.  If you don’t have a bughouse partner, no problem; we’ll help match you with one. Check in no later than 4 pm on Friday for blitz, 6 pm for bughouse.   Competition will begin at 5 pm for blitz, arrive at 6:45 pm for bughouse.

4. What is “crazy hats”?
We invite all bughouse participants to wear their craziest chess- and bug-themed hats. Hats can be crazy, wacky, funny, and loud. Everyone votes on the craziest hats, and there are prizes for the winners.

5. Will there be food available at the Convention Center?
The Convention Center will have food service Saturday during lunch hour and we encourage you to visit their vending service for lunch. Throughout the day on Saturday, there are snacks and drinks available from a cart in the lobby. In addition, there are also lots of restaurants in Seaside near the Convention Center. We do have time scheduled in for lunch, but that is also a time that we’ll use to catch up, so (like at every tournament) take advantage of the breaks you have. We apologize, but the Convention Center policies prohibit outside food during times they have food available for sale.

6. Do you need volunteers?
Yes! To volunteer (and if you didn’t already let us know at the time you registered) please let us know at registration or e-mail

7. I reserved a table. When are they available?
If you reserved tables, you will find your name placed on a table as you come in on Saturday. We’ll be using them on Friday night for Blitz and Bughouse.

8.Anyone carpooling to Seaside?
If you’re interested in carpooling, post it up on the OSCF Facebook page

9. What is the “Friends and Family” section?
For those adults and kids who aren’t playing in the main event, you can still participate in several fun rounds of chess on Saturday by playing in the Friends and Family tournament.  You can buy a ticket at the time you register your regular player, or on Saturday morning before 10:15.  Adults will play in one group for cash prizes and kids will play in another group for trophies and/or medals.  Games are played at the same time as the least experienced sections, so you should be done around 4:00.

OSCF State 2016 Regular Registration Closes Saturday Noon

As of games played through April 18, 543 players have qualified to attend the OSCF State Championship on April 29-30 — our largest number of qualified players ever!  The final list of qualified players is here; if you think you should be on the list but are not, please contact us ASAP.  If you have qualified, REGISTER FOR OSCF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HERE.  Regular registration ends Saturday at Noon.  If you want more information about state, see some more details here.  The latest list of who is registered can be found here (this is updated as of the close of early registration on Wednesday evening).

Two Days Left for Seaside Early Registration

0425150713The best deal ($35) on registering for the 2016 OSCF State Championship ends on Wednesday the 20th at midnight.  After that, the price increases to $45 through Saturday noon, and then more after that as we have to go backwards in our processes to get your player in the mix.  So please register ASAP!  We’re waiting on the NWSRS system to update with this last weekend’s games, but you can check the list of qualified players through April 12, found here; if you’re not there, but certain you will be on the next list because of games or tournaments played in the last week, you can wait until Wednesday, by which time we should have updated the qualification lists, or you can just register now and note in the comment box how you believe you qualified.  Once you have qualified, REGISTER FOR OSCF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HERE, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Seaside on April 29-30. If you want more information about the event, see some more details here, including a schedule and details on rules, etc.

Many people worry about which section to register for.  As a practical matter, your player’s rating as of the end of this week and their grade will determine their section, and at state there are no real options to play up, with one exception:  Highly-rated Middle or High School players may choose to “play up” into the very difficult platinum / elite sections, which start play on Friday morning.  If your player is rated just under 1300 (for MS) or 1400 (for HS), this is worth thinking about.  Otherwise, just choose the regular sections based on your player’s grade in school.  (And if the question of rating doesn’t make sense to you, ask your player — betcha they’ll know!).  We will have more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions later this week, so check back often!

One Weekend Left to Qualify! — Updated qualifier lists posted.

bell lapThis is it.  The bell lap.  The LAST weekend of qualifying play before the 11th Annual OSCF State Championship is here.  Already, 514 players have qualified to attend — our largest number of qualified players ever.  Check the updated list of qualified players found here.  Those needing only one more qualifier or an established rating (15 games) are listed at those links as well.  (For a master list of all players’ qualification status, click here.)  If you’re looking to make up that one last qualifier or get to an established rating (15 career games), you can STILL do it this weekend by attending one of the remaining qualifying tournaments.  Once you have qualified, REGISTER FOR OSCF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HERE, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Seaside on April 29-30. If you want more information about the event, see a list of who is registered here, see some more details here, or take a look at some photos from prior years!

Tournament Director Training Opportunity at State on April 29

Calling all new tournament directors! You have been sitting in these tournaments, watching your kids play for years.  You wish you could host one at your school, but you don’t know where to start.  You can do it, and the OSCF board wants to help get you started!referee 2

Join Kathy Stevens on Friday night (April 29) during the Bughouse tournament to learn the basics of running your own tournament.  Then, stop by on Saturday to see those concepts in action as she runs the Friends & Family tournament.  You’ll get real-life examples, discover all the resources that the OSCF offers to support tournaments, and have your questions answered by OSCF qualifier Tournament Directors.

This event is free and open to all who would like to attend! While walk-ins are welcome, if you know you’d like to attend, please RSVP to Kathy at